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Salesforce Knowledge Articles

Salesforce Knowledge Articles

Salesforce Knowledge Articles is a built-in feature that is your central hub for creating, storing, and managing informative articles. Customers can easily self-serve through a searchable knowledge base, finding solutions to common issues and product inquiries.

Knowledge is a treasure trove of information for support agents. They can access relevant articles to resolve customer cases efficiently and ensure consistent, accurate service. It’s a win-win for both customer satisfaction and agent efficiency – all within your organization’s existing Salesforce platform.

What are Salesforce Knowledge Articles?

Salesforce Knowledge Articles let us create, manage, and securely share our company information when and where needed. The Salesforce Knowledge base is built from knowledge articles, which are documents of information.

These articles can include information on processes, like how to reset your product to its defaults, or frequently asked questions, like how much storage your product supports. Experienced service agents and internal writers (like any individuals with solutions) write these articles.

The articles are then published on various channels: internal databases, customer and partner communities, or public websites so that customers can access the proper solutions to their problems.

To use Knowledge articles, we first have to enable them from the service setup and then add them to the case page layout from the edit page.


Salesforce Knowledge in Classic vs Lightning

Lightning Knowledge has transformed the functionality of Salesforce Knowledge. For instance, the Knowledge component for Lightning Service Console replaces Knowledge One in the Salesforce Classic Service Console and standard record types are used instead of article types.

Let’s compare Salesforce Knowledge in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

Access and permissionsCRUD, profile permissions, page layouts, and custom article actions per public groupCRUD, profile permissions, and page layouts
Search EngineRelies on standard  Salesforce search functionality.Enhanced search capabilities, including improved filters and topic-specific searches.
Analytics and ReportingLimited reporting options are available. It may require additional customization or integration with external tools.Lightning Knowledge offers advanced analytics and reporting tools to track how articles are viewed, measure engagement metrics, and monitor performance trends effectively.
FilesFiles are attached in custom file fieldsFiles are stored in the standard Files object and attached to the Files-related list.
Object homeKnowledge One and Article Management tabKnowledge home page with list views
Page layoutsFields only, per article type and user profileFields, actions, and related lists, per record type and user profile
Record home (articles)Custom record homeDefault Record Home and Record Home that is configurable via the Lightning App Builder
SetupSalesforce Classic SetupLightning Knowledge Setup
SharingSharing by data categoryStandard Salesforce sharing is also available
Types of articlesArticle TypesStandard Record Types
Use Knowledge in the consoleAdd Knowledge One to the Service ConsoleAdd the Lightning Knowledge component via the Lightning App Builder

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