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Are you facing difficulties in finalizing the decision to embark on the path of a Salesforce consultant?

We are here with all the information on Salesforce consultant salary to avoid delaying your journey any further. This blog will answer your every question regarding the salary of a Salesforce Consultant.

While an average candidate may limit their research to only a salary figure, it is good to know that certain factors also control that figure. These factors also shape your approach towards upskilling and career development. 

A consultant may receive different benefits in the present and future. This article will shorten your path to success as a professional Salesforce Consultant.

Before directly looking at salary figures, let’s first understand what you need to manage as a consultant.

Who is a Salesforce Consultant?

Salesforce Consultant is the expert that helps businesses get the maximum benefits from the Salesforce platform. With in-depth research on business practices and platform fundamentals, the consultant will mold Salesforce to fit well with business operations.

As a consultant, you might need to operate within a company or be contracted externally. Salesforce Consultant skills significantly impact returns businesses get from their investment in Salesforce; thus, begin upskilling today for maximum rewards.

Next, we will briefly discuss the roles and responsibilities you would face as a future consultant.

Roles and Responsibilities

Skilled Consultants are always a rare commodity in the Salesforce ecosystem. Your skills mainly reflect the ability to handle diversified tasks.

Let’s take a brief review of these diverse roles and responsibilities:

  • Actively manage client relationship
  • Creation and management of project plans
  • Mapping out business processes
  • Gathering the business requirements
  • Providing support during the change
  • Managing technical staff 
  • Proposing every technical requirement
  • Configuring technical product
  • User testing and training

Now that you have a basic grasp of a Consultant’s role and responsibilities, let’s discuss their salary details and demand surge in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Salesforce Consultant Salary

In this section, we will be looking at the average Salesforce Consultant salary in different locations globally:

North America

US ($)$130,700$155,700$125 hourly
Canada (C$)C$103,370C$123,120C$117 hourly


UK (£)£57,700£75,370£680 daily
Italy ()€30,000€40,370€325 daily
France ()€44,200€60,870€585 daily
Ireland ()€57,370€71,700€540 daily
Germany ()€59,600€82,000€700 daily


Australia (AU$)AU$130,700AU$155,700AU$125 hourly
India ()₹400,000₹20,00,000

Attractive figures, right?

Now, you must be wondering why the value differs for consultants at different levels. We will discuss the factors that influence these figures, including different levels of expertise. So, keep moving forward to know all of them.


Decoding the Factors Behind Your Salesforce Consultant Salary

You should be aware of the factors that decide your salary in your Salesforce Consultant career. Here, we have discussed all the significant factors that decide your rewards while working as a consultant: 



Suppose you ask any Salesforce Professional about one of the significant factors for deciding salary packages. Most of them will give the input as Salesforce certifications.

Certifications are not necessary to become a Salesforce professional, but they surely increase the benefits you get. They are a milestone in your Salesforce consultant career, proving to the hiring parties the genuineness of your skills.

They can also be used as leverage points to get senior positions at the initial levels of your career journey. This, in turn, influences your salary package as well.

Experience and Expertise

Employers will only pay good rewards to candidates holding a good amount of experience and expertise in their job. You can expect a higher salary as a consultant if you have substantial experience and a good level of responsibility for the role. Candidates with more than three years of experience generally get the best packages.

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Geographical Location

Your location of work also influences the total package received for the position of Salesforce Consultant. The difference arises mainly due to the interplay of economic factors and financial conditions related to the cost of living in your home country.

It is also closely related to the density of Salesforce professionals in your geography, thus generating the demand-supply ratio.

Industry Verticals

The overall demand for Salesforce consultant experts varies across industries as well, thus influencing their compensation packages.

You can get higher salaries in industries like healthcare, finance, and technology due to the complexity of Salesforce implementations. To navigate better in the job market, it is best to have a general grasp of these variations. 

Some sectors, such as healthcare and e-commerce, are experiencing a massive surge in demand for skilled Salesforce experts. Reasons behind this demand include a need for robust customer relationship management systems and the complexity of crafted solutions.

Professionals such as Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants are highly sought after by businesses operating in such industries. 

Congratulations! You are fully equipped to receive the best Salesforce Consultant salary packages. To add some icing to it, we have shared some recent trends related to your rewards and packages.

They are to make you aware of the influence some external shifts can create on packages. So, stay tuned with us! 


Trends shaping Salesforce Consultant salary packages

Some trends will impact the salary of a Salesforce consultant in 2024. These might change with time, or their influence might vary. But they play a crucial role, so let’s take a look at them. 

Inclusion of Non-Monetary Benefits

Companies working in Salesforce also include other non-monetary benefits that you should consider as well for the growth of your Salesforce consultant skills and career. Some of these benefits are: 

1. Training and professional development opportunities

Companies are investing in the growth of their Salesforce teams. Access to ongoing training and development programs not only enhances your skills but also contributes to overall job satisfaction.

2. Flexible work arrangements

Beyond regular remote work, alternative work arrangements along with flexible schedules are also becoming integral parts of the compensation packages that you will receive as a consultant. This can help you manage your diverse future needs as a Salesforce professional.

3. Health and wellness programs

Employers are heavily prioritizing the well-being of their workforce nowadays. Health and wellness initiatives are crafted regularly, ranging from fitness programs to mental health support into your compensation packages.

That concludes the new trends that you can expect in your compensation packages as a Salesforce Consultant.

Next, let’s explore how to quickly improve your current salary packages with specific steps. 

Tips For Improving Your Salesforce Consultant Salary

For professionals working as Salesforce Consultants, it is not a question of how much you are getting paid right now but how you can raise the bar higher. We will answer that for you through the following points:

Technical Skills

At the core of the Salesforce Consultant profile lies the technical skills that you possess as a professional. Thus, sharpening your technical skill toolkit will enrich your Salesforce consultant salary exponentially.

Regarding your approach, specializing in some specific Salesforce platforms will work best. It will add depth to your skill set and make you a valuable asset in the projects tailored to those platforms. Pairing your experience in Salesforce with industry demand will be best. 

Soft Skills

Other than the core technical skills, you also need some soft skills to truly make it to the top in terms of achieving your dream packages. Here are some of the skills valued most for the Salesforce Consultant career profile:

1. Communication and Collaboration

To achieve the best results from client interactions, strong communication and collaboration skills are essential. You need to excel in terms of conveying complex ideas effectively to be highly valued. 

2. Problem-solving and critical thinking

Other than communicating with the client, analyzing and innovating solutions for challenges is another most sought-after skill. Being good at problem-solving and critical thinking will set you out as a high-performing Salesforce Consultant.

Explore Beyond

Being committed to the learning process is a necessity if you want to reach the peak of the Salesforce Consultant package. Thus, it is imperative to get continuous education through workshops, webinars, and additional certifications. Investing your time in learning the following will raise your packages for sure:

  1. Specialization in CPQ or Revenue cloud will help you create accurate quotes for customers and sell complex sets of products and bundles for the organization.
  2. Technical Consultants should become familiar with DevOps concepts to establish and refine business processes for their team.
  3. Learning about flow will help you in building better automation for your organization as well.

Sometimes, you may remain underpaid if skills are not highlighted at the right time in front of employers.

Your package will only improve if your ability to showcase relevant experience in terms of Salesforce implementations and projects is great. Thus, if you fall short in this, it is time to start working on it.



Salesforce Consultant is one of the best career profiles that you can pursue in your journey to become a successful Salesforce professional.

Whether you interact with the clients or shape platform operations to your organization’s needs, it will help you reach new heights of personal and professional growth.

To become a consultant with an excellent initial package or improve your current package, start focusing on areas such as upskilling and get the best results.

Salesforce as an industry has always been in high demand for skilled professionals, including Salesforce Consultants. It is the best time to work towards your goal and grab opportunities in terms of packages and career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does experience and expertise influence a Salesforce Consultant's salary?

Employers tend to pay higher rewards to Salesforce Consultants with substantial experience and a high level of responsibility in their role, with candidates having more than three years of experience typically receiving the best packages.

Which industries offer the highest salaries for Salesforce Consultants?

Industries like healthcare, finance, and technology typically offer higher salaries for Salesforce Consultants due to the complexity of Salesforce implementations and the demand for skilled professionals in these sectors.

What skills are essential for a successful Salesforce Consultant?

Successful Salesforce Consultants require a blend of technical skills such as Salesforce platform expertise and soft skills like communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and continuous learning to excel in their roles.

What factors should I consider to negotiate a better salary as a Salesforce Consultant?

Consider factors such as certifications, experience, geographical location, industry demand, and the ability to highlight relevant skills and experience to negotiate a better Salesforce Consultant salary package.

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