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Sometimes, navigating through a familiar path can be challenging. You could know the streets’ names and still make a wrong turn. Salesforce is a vast web of job opportunities where each career path is tempting. But which Salesforce career path is the right one for you?

Understanding the roadmap is crucial before you make your wrong turn and end up in a place you are not looking for. Once you have your route figured out, you can easily navigate the industry to land the perfect Salesforce job opportunities.

How do you start? This article is your answer.

We will make your work easy and lay out the perfect Salesforce roadmap to begin your journey. And that is not all; we have also curated essential tips for your job applications. This guide will teach you about career progression, job search, and upskilling after getting hired.

So, let’s get you started with some self-assessment. It will help you in decision-making throughout your Salesforce career development.

Find Out if a Salesforce Career is Suitable for You

Are you cut out for a tech-filled workplace? No, we are not talking about robots, sensor touch screens, and blue lights everywhere, but innovative software and tech-driven businesses.

Not a tech fanatic? People from a non-tech background can work on a Salesforce Profile. Yes, you read that right. So, let’s first figure out if you possess the basic skills and knowledge required to jump into a Salesforce Career Path.

  1. Although a degree is not a requirement for any profile in the Salesforce ecosystem, some Salesforce certifications can boost your resume. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as computer science, business, or IT, can benefit in an entry-level position.
  2. Soft skills are a no-brainer when it comes to the Salesforce career path. You can be on any profile working with Salesforce, and you will need soft skills such as communication skills and problem-solving to shine in your workplace.
  3. The key to a successful Salesforce career is demonstrating your passion for Salesforce and the ability to learn and adapt quickly. Do you understand the foundation of Salesforce and how it works? If not, brush up on your understanding of the platform before diving into the job market.
  4. Technical skills and familiarity with Salesforce languages and tools such as Apex, Visualforce, and SOQL are valuable for any Salesforce profile. If you need these technical skills, consider exploring the ecosystem with self-paced projects.

If you’ve any of the above skills, it is time to find your ideal career path in Salesforce. Remember, we can always go for a different size if the shoe doesn’t fit. Read along to navigate through Salesforce Career Options.

Navigating Salesforce Career Progression

Whether you’re a professional with years of experience or a fresher without prior coding knowledge, the extensive Salesforce Ecosystem has something for you. It provides various opportunities for both freshers and professionals.

We have divided this list into three tiers for your convenience. Depending on your experience, you can explore entry-level, mid-level, or advanced-level positions. So, let’s get started!

Entry-Level Positions

Salesforce Career Path

Here, we have curated a list of Salesforce career paths for freshers. If you’re new in this industry, these job profiles are best suited.

As a beginner, your knowledge will set you apart in these profiles. So ensure you’re all set with your Salesforce foundations and ready to leap.

1. Salesforce Administrator

Contrary to popular belief, the Salesforce admin career path is the perfect opportunity to set foot in the industry. It opens the doors of possibilities to transition in any role, once you have gathered a few years of experience.

As an administrator, you will ensure the organization’s processes run smoothly on the Salesforce platform. Using no-code and click features, you will implement the required changes to suit the management needs of the business.

The admin also oversees the data security and transfer for the organization using the best of Salesforce CRM’s features.

Salary Overview

The compensation provided for the role of Salesforce Administrator usually lies in the INR 3 to 7 LPA range in India. It can range from $62553 to $125682 in the US market.

Job opportunities

Companies require multiple Salesforce admins at once to ensure flawless management and configuration. Thus, the job market for this profile is ever-expanding.

Admins can also explore the roles of Salesforce Consultant, and Business Analyst after gaining experience. Here are top companies looking for promising Salesforce Administrators.

  • Tata Consulting Services
  • IBM
  • Accenture
Certification Required

If you choose Salesforce administrator, you can begin with the Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification. It contains the characteristics and capabilities that are required to maintain an organization. The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator would be the next step in the certification process.

2. Salesforce Developer

The Salesforce Developer career path is the most chased path in the Salesforce ecosystem. If you’re a code enthusiast, this profile suits you. This profile combines the understanding of admin features and coding abilities so that you can create custom applications using APEX.

To fulfil the business requirements, Salesforce developers are responsible for the front end using the LWC framework and the back end using API integration and Visualforce. Salesforce Developers are also in charge of debugging among other things.

Salary Overview

Salesforce developers are paid more than any entry-level profile as they are always in demand. The average Salesforce Developer salary in the US is $55000 to $221000. In India, the compensation can be from INR 3.9 – 12 LPA.

Job opportunities

Salesforce Developers can easily find entry-level jobs. There is a massive demand for such professionals due to technical skills.

In 2021, there were 52,300 job postings in the U.S. alone and 165% job growth in the last 5 years (U.S. data). Companies like Infosys, Deutsche Bank, PWC India, Steneral Consulting, etc are great to start your Salesforce developer journey.

Certification Required

An entry-level Salesforce Developer certification will help you demonstrate proficiency in creating and customizing applications on the Salesforce platform. You can consider Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II, and Javascript Developer I.

3. Salesforce Business Analyst

The Salesforce Business Analyst career path is appropriate for people who love to solve problems. As the profile suggests, the job role is to analyze the business needs of an organization and provide solutions functional with the Salesforce platform.

The work often requires collaboration with stakeholders and effective communication to design and test the solution before implementation. Suppose you’re proficient in Salesforce data model creation and have a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce admin as well as business processes.

In that case, you can consider this position to start your Salesforce career.

Salary Overview

The US market offers a range of $93,113 to $140,000 for the role of Business Analyst. The expected salary in this profile starts from INR 4.9 LPA and can go up to INR 15 LPA after a few years of experience.

Job opportunities

As this is an entry-level position, you do not need a background or knowledge of business analysis. However, companies seek people with a particular understanding of Salesforce.

You can progress to Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Project Manager profile after gaining valuable experience. Some MNCs, such as KPMG, and various companies are actively looking for Salesforce Business Analysts.

Certification Required

Salesforce Administrator certification is good to have, however, it is not mandatory. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification can enhance your credibility as a business analyst while providing in-depth knowledge of business analysis principles.

Mid-Level Positions

Moving on to the following list tier, we will look at mid-level positions. These career paths in Salesforce require 1-3 years of experience. These positions are viable for professionals who already work on a Salesforce profile. It is easier to transition into these roles than getting an entry-level opening.

Let’s find career paths for professionals with a few years of experience.

1. Salesforce Consultant

The Salesforce Consultant career path entails a lot of exposure and networking opportunities. They are required to communicate effectively with stakeholders to understand their needs.

Consultants are responsible for carefully optimizing a business to improve and design, operate, and integrate Salesforce products as a solution. to enable efficiencies in key areas of the business. They also provide coaching in best practices for Salesforce administration and implementation to enhance user experience while using Salesforce automation to streamline internal processes.

If you want to become a Salesforce Consultant, you must be proficient in identifying project issues and risks, and present alternatives for alleviating or resolving them

Salary Overview

As the work of consultants is crucial, they are paid in high amounts. You can expect compensation in the $117,000 – $143,750 range as a Salesforce Consultant in the US. In India, the salary can range from INR 8 to 20 LPA.

Job opportunities

A well-reputed profile is always in demand. International IT companies, as well as domestic small businesses, are always on the lookout for talented Salesforce consultants. You can start your journey from companies like Infosys, Aryaka, IBM, etc.

Certification Required

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Marketing  Cloud Consultant, and Data Cloud Consultant certifications validate expertise in configuring Salesforce solutions for specific business requirements.

2. Salesforce Technical Lead

A Salesforce Technical Lead steers the technical planning and development team in developing solutions. This is done via collaboration and discussion within teams and with clients.

As a senior of the team, you must have experience with Lightning Web Components, Apex, and performance optimization. If you have a sound knowledge of Salesforce technologies and possess leadership skills, then Salesforce Technical Lead is an ideal job opportunity.

Salary Overview

A technical lead specializing in Salesforce can earn a fortune in the Indian market. The salary range can start from INR 12 LPA to 23 LPA. This is the time if you were considering switching to this career path.

Job opportunities

Salesforce Technical Leads are always in demand for their leadership skills. With a few years of Salesforce experience in your resume, you can quickly be promoted or find a fresh job opening. Wipro and Bizbox are the top companies for this role. Apart from these, you can find numerous job opportunities.

Certification Required

As a technical lead, you can upgrade yourself with advanced certifications. Salesforce Advanced Administrator and Salesforce Platform Developer II certifications can be the cherry on top.

3. Senior Salesforce Developer

This path is a progression for the Salesforce Developer career path. Suppose you’ve worked as a Salesforce Developer for a few years; then now is the time to climb the ladder. You will design and develop new applications based on client needs and requirements.

You will also work with project managers to ensure that all deliverables are completed on time and within budget. Creating technical specifications for new projects based on client requirements and managing applications after they have been launched to ensure that they are performing as expected is also a part of the job.

Salary Overview

Depending on your years of experience, the annual compensation as a Salesforce senior developer can range from INR 10 LPA to INR 22 LPA.

Job opportunities

Transitioning from an admin or a developer to a senior developer is relatively easy and preferred. Most companies prefer to promote their employees internally, but there is still a high demand for developers with experience. IBM, Infosys, Tata Consulting Services, Accenture, and many more companies are always on the lookout for this profile.

Certification Required

If you are Platform Developer I certified, you can further showcase advanced skills in designing and building custom applications with Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II certification.

4. Salesforce Cloud Specialist

If you’ve been working as an administrator, app builder, or developer, you can easily transition into the role of Salesforce Cloud Specialist after being trained on a specific cloud.

The profile requires seasoned Salesforce employees with expertise in any of the cloud services provided by Salesforce, such as marketing cloud, commerce cloud, industry cloud, financial cloud, etc. The position entails configuring, customizing, and optimizing the Salesforce cloud you specialize in, creating custom objects, workflows, and automation.

Salary Overview

Salesforce Cloud Specialists are well-paid for their customization work. The US market offers $62553 to $125682 annually, whereas the Indian market offers INR 10 LPA to 21.9 LPA  annually.

Job opportunities

Suppose you have a specialized certification to prove your knowledge and competency with good experience. In that case, you can bag a high-paying Salesforce cloud specialist job.

Companies like HP and ICS usually hire Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers. Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud specialists have a higher demand in the Industry.

Certification Required

There are as many certifications in this category as the job profiles. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist will validate expertise to take the Salesforce Marketing Cloud career path.

Whereas Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant will open up opportunities in the Salesforce Cloud Consultant profile.

Advanced and Specialized Roles

Salesforce Advance Level Career Path

These Salesforce career options are for people who have at least 5 years of experience in their bag. After building on all necessary skills and gaining valuable expertise in Salesforce and its products, you can transition to these profiles and boost your career further. Learn more about the advanced roles of Salesforce in detail and choose your pick.

1. Salesforce Solution Architect

Salesforce Solution Architects are the true architects of a Salesforce platform for their organization. They develop innovative ideas and make recommendations to fix complex business issues.

They also look over the technical aspects to ensure smooth running. You will require a deep understanding of working with data modeling and user interfaces to provide your guidance throughout the lifecycle of a project as a Salesforce Solution Architect.

Salary Overview

A solution architect can easily make a fortune of $134,000 to $185,000 in the US market. In India, the market is just as rewarding, with a salary range of INR 20 LPA to INR 37 LPA.

Job opportunities

There are hundreds of job postings daily on various job search websites for the role of Salesforce Solution Architect. From Salesforce itself to various IT companies, the options are endless. 

Certification Required

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect certification is for senior professionals looking for reliable proof of their ability to design complex solutions as an architect. You can also consider the Salesforce Certified Application Architect to show your expertise in various Salesforce products.

2. Salesforce Project Manager

The Salesforce Project Managers are responsible for the end product from start to finish. They review each process step, including the vision, design, and strategy. As a project manager, you will design the roadmap for all products, take the lead, manage budgets, and analyze possible risks in advance.

This position is part of the management; thus, you should be a great communicator and show leadership skills. If this description aligns with you, you should read ahead for the perks of this profile.

Salary Overview

A Salesforce Project Manager is a high-paying career path. The US job market shows job opportunities ranging from $105000 to $156000, whereas the Indian market has a range of INR 8.5 TO 25.9 LPA.

Job opportunities

Project managers are valuable assets to any company; thus, the requirement for a highly talented one is ever-increasing. Tech Mahindra, Genpact, Wipro, etc are options for you to start your career with.

Certification Required

While not mandatory, some certificates, such as Salesforce Administrator certification, can be advantageous. Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) are popular choices to build upon your knowledge.

3. Salesforce Data Analyst

Salesforce Data Analysts research and use data to solve problems, optimize profit, and minimize turnover to help companies make better business decisions.

Data analysts collect, process, and perform statistical analysis of data and translate the numbers into lay terms. If you can identify trends and make future predictions using the data resources, you can help companies figure out how they should work.

Sounds interesting? Read along to find out the salary compensation for this position.

Salary Overview

While the average salary for a Salesforce Data Analyst is INR 19.3 LPA, it can go up to INR 54 LPA with 8-10 YOE in the industry.

Job opportunities

You might need a certification along with your job experience for this senior position. But once you have your documents sorted, you can bag a job at companies like Signeasy, Fulcrum, Genpact and more.

Certification Required

While most of the opportunities are saved for professionals with prior Salesforce experience, some Salesforce certifications may help build a reliable portfolio for you. Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification and Salesforce Developer certification are recommended.

Now that you have an idea of Salesforce and a roadmap of its various career paths, you must be set to get a job. Well, getting a job can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

But you’re in good hands here as we break down the challenge of job search in some straightforward steps.

Effective Job Search and Application

To get the right job that fits all your needs and presents a beautiful scope of growth and learning, you must take one step at a time. Here is our guide to get started with your job search.

1. Build a CV/resume

The first thing that any employer will see is your CV. And they only take a few seconds to scan it before they either discard it or call you. Ensure your CV lists all your skills, educational qualifications, and work experience (if any).

Keep it concise and to the point; one page is ideal. Earn and mention your certificates, as they increase your chances of getting hired. Although, they are not required to land a job. 

2. Set up job profiles

You must be familiar with the job search applications. This is where you can find your ideal job easily. Start with setting up a professional profile with a small bio stating your skills and experience.

Optimize your profile so that it starts attracting the attention of your relevant professional contacts. Now, you can start your search!

3. Connect with people

The profile you just set up is where you will find people to connect with. Networking is a great way to get into any industry. You can try an underrated approach of sending cold emails and optimized messages to senior or C-level executives of companies to land your first Salesforce job.

4. Apply for relevant openings

Now that you’ve covered all your bases, it is finally time to start applying. Salesforce job opportunities are everywhere; you must look for the relevant ones and submit your application.

If transitioning to a different career, be familiar with job responsibilities. A pro tip: A customized cover letter with each application will increase your chances of getting hired.

5. Prepare for the interview

All your preparations come down to this step. Make revisions, clear your basics, and be confident for your Salesforce Interview. Learn about Salesforce and prepare for expected questions beforehand. Good luck!

What do you do once you’ve bagged a job? Do you go to work and panic? Or do you have a well-planned strategy to be a supernova in your workplace?

Let’s look at some skills you can develop to stay ahead of the curve.

Developing On-the-Job Skills

Once you have the job, it becomes more critical to keep up. Building on-the-job skills is necessary to set better learning goals and advance your career. Here is how you can create valuable skills to progress in your job and help you in the long run.

  • Interpersonal Skills: To showcase competitive skills, you need to focus on interpersonal skills. You should be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and stakeholders. Show leadership, manage your time effectively, and always be professional.
  • Industry Knowledge: Stay updated with new features and innovations happening in the Salesforce ecosystem. As this industry evolves daily, you must know the products and services. Engage in conversations with experts, practice product use, and monitor your progress.
  • Customer Service: The most essential aspect of any profile is providing the best customer service, whether it is an external business you’re handling or internal stakeholders. Understand the customer’s needs, listen actively, and ask for feedback to improve your customer service at work.
Developer training Opportunities CTA


Salesforce Career paths are promising; you can expect immense growth and advancement in this industry. As Salesforce keeps expanding and being integrated into business worldwide, the demand for Salesforce professionals is also increasing.

The job market has a rich offering for freshers with no tech background to experienced Salesforce professionals. We hope the navigation is now more accessible and less complicated for you with the help of our guide.

Ready to begin? We at S2 Labs are here to help you in your Salesforce journey each step of the way.

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