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Custom Controller in Salesforce

Custom Controller in Salesforce

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What Is Custom Controller In Salesforce?

A custom controller is a class written in Apex that implements all of a page’s logic, without leveraging a standard controller. If you use a custom controller, you can define new navigation elements or behaviors, but you must also reimplement any functionality that was already provided in a standard controller.

Like other Apex classes, custom controllers execute entirely in system mode, in which the object and field-level permissions of the current user are ignored. You can specify whether a user can execute methods in a custom controller based on the user’s profile.

A controller extension is a class is written in Apex that adds to or overrides behavior in a standard or custom controller. Extensions allow you to leverage the functionality of another controller while adding your own custom logic.

Because standard controllers execute in user mode, in which the permissions, field-level security, and sharing rules of the current user are enforced, extending a standard controller allows you to build a Visualforce page that respects user permissions. Although the extension class executes in system mode, the standard controller executes in user mode. As with custom controllers, you can specify whether a user can execute methods in a controller extension based on the user’s profile.

Example Code Of Using Custom Controller

// Controller class
public class FirstController {
// Variables and Methods

<!-- Code for using Custom Controller -->
<apex:page controller="FirstController">


Although custom controllers and controller extension classes execute in system mode and thereby ignore user permissions and field-level security, you can choose whether they respect a user’s organization-wide defaults, role hierarchy, and sharing rules by using the with sharing keywords in the class definition. For information, see “Using the with sharing, without sharing, and inherited sharing Keywords” in the Apex Developer Guide.

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