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Equality Operator

Equality Operator

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What Is Equality Operator In Apex?

If a value of X equals Y, the expression evaluates to true otherwise the expression evaluates to false.
  • User-defined types are compared by reference which means that the 2 objects are equal if they reference the same location in the memory.
  • You can override this default comparison behaviour by equals() and hashcode() methods in your class to compare object values instead.
  • Unlike java(==), in apex it compares object value equality not reference equality except for user-defined types..
  • String comparison using(==) is case insensitive.
  • ID comparison using == is case-sensitive.
Integer a[] = new Integer[5]; 
Integer b[] = new Integer[5]; 
for(Integer i=0; i<5; i++) 
  • Arrays(==) performs a deep check of all the values before returning its result. Likewise for collection and built-in apex objects.
  • The comparison of any two values can never result in null though X and Y can be literal null.
  • SOQL and SOSL use ‘=’ for their equality operator not ‘==’.

What Is Exact Equality Operator(===)?

If X and Y reference the exact same location in memory, the expression evaluates to true otherwise false.
FirstClass fc = new FirstClass();
FirstClass fc2 = new FirstClass();

What Is Exact Inequality Operator(!==)?

If X and Y do not reference the exact same location in memory, the expression evaluates to true otherwise false.

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