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Metadata API in Salesforce

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  • What Is A Metadata?
  • What Is Metadata APIs In Salesforce?
  • How Metadata API works?
  • How To Call Metadata API?

What Is A Metadata?

Data of data is termed “Metadata”. In Salesforce, all the objects, fields, tabs, apps, etc are Metadata.

What Is Metadata APIs In Salesforce?

To access the metadata in Salesforce, we need to call metadata API. It allows us to retrieve and deploy salesforce metadata from one org to another org using a configuration file.

How Metadata API works?

It works similarly to other APIs, but the only difference is that it is used to retrieve and deploy data from/to salesforce org.

How To Call Metadata API?

Here below are the example steps to call metadata API:

  1. Login to https://packagebuilder.herokuapp.com/, through your sandbox or production org.
  2. Select the component types, you want to install.
  3. Copy the code and save it to the package.xml file.
  4. Login to the salesforce workbench: https://workbench.developerforce.com/login.php
  5. In Migration, Click on retrieve.
  6. Then upload the package.xml file.
  7. Click next.

You can follow similar steps to deploy metadata(which have been retrieved) to other org.

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