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What Is WSDL In Salesforce?

A developer of an external application can integrate with an Apex class containing webService methods by generating a WSDL(Web Service Definition Language) for the class. To generate a WSDL from an Apex class detail page: 

  • Generate the WSDL file for the whole organization from Setup->Generate Enterprise WSDL to use it.
  • In the application from Setup, enter “Apex Classes” in the Quick Find box, then select Apex Classes. 
  • Click the name of a class that contains webService methods. 
  • Click Generate WSDL.

Considerations For Using the WebService Keyword 

  • You cannot use the webService keyword when defining a class. However, you can use it to define top-level, outer-class methods, and methods of an inner class. 
  • You cannot use the webService keyword to define an interface or to define an interface’s methods and variables. 
  • You cannot use the webService keyword in a trigger. 
  • All classes that contain methods defined with the webService keyword must be declared as global. If a method or inner class is declared as global, the outer, top-level class must also be defined as global. 
  • You must define any method that uses the webService keyword as static.

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