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Transaction Control and Rollback

Transaction Control and Rollback

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Savepoint setSavepoint():

Returns a savepoint variable that can be stored as a local variable which we can use with a rollback method to restore the database to that point.

Void rollback(Savepoint sp):

Restores the database to the state specified by the savepoint argument. Any emails submitted since the last savepoint are also rollbacked and not sent.

Savepoint sp1 = new Database.setSavepoint();
List < Account > accList = [SELECT name, phone FROM account WHERE name like‘ Acc % ’];
integer i = 1;
for (Account a: accList) {
    A.phone = i + ’’;
    i += 111;
update accList;
Savepoint sp2 = Database.setSavepoint();
for (Account b: accList) {
    b.name = b.name + ’ss’;
update accList;
Savepoint sp3 = Database.setSavepoint();
if (roll = 1) Database.rollback(sp1);
else if (roll = 2) Database.rollback(sp2);
else if (roll = 3) Database.rollback(sp3);

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