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Discover the power of problem-solving, analytical thinking, and decision-making as we guide you through analyzing businesses and delivering impactful solutions. Our Salesforce Business Analyst Training will add to your expertise, making you an invaluable asset to any organization you work with.

With over 500 students trained, 100+ certified as Salesforce Business Analysts and 500+ 5-star ratings, our program is a proven and effective choice.

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The role of a Salesforce business analyst is more than just of technical proficiency. Salesforce Business Analysts are the professionals who directly collaborate with business stakeholders, identify opportunities and ease their business processes with tailor made solutions.

The Salesforce certified Business Analyst course provides individuals with the knowledge and skills required to analyze business requirements and translate them into effective Salesforce solutions while using the capabilities of the Salesforce CRM & Platform.

Our unique approach in the Salesforce BA training can help you easily succeed in Salesforce business analyst certifications. Being the only training institute with an in-house certification exam center, we make your Salesforce business analyst career path seamless.


30 hour session60 Hours of Sessions

in-house certification examIn-House Certification Exam Center

real-time projectsReal-Time Scenario-based Projects

practical assignmentHands-On Assignments On User Cases, Project Management Practices and the tools

Salesforce expertsDelivered By Proficient Salesforce Experts

doubt session1-On-1 Doubt Sessions

personalized mentorshipPersonalized Mentorship

pratical testsSalesforce BA Certification Exam Practice Tests

free demoFree Demo Sessions

lifetime accessLifetime Access To The Study Material

interview guidance providedInterview Guidance

no prerequisitePrerequisite: Having some familiarity with salesforce Admin concepts can be highly advantageous


Our Salesforce business analyst training program is designed for learning & cracking the Salesforce business analyst certifications. Being a highly-rewarding and well-defined course curriculum, it ensures a strong foundation required to analyze business needs, and identify opportunities in order to utilize Salesforce to its full potential. With easily accessible Salesforce business analyst study material provided with this course, you can learn at your own pace and become an expert Salesforce Business Analyst.

Here's the complete Salesforce business analyst course curriculum and syllabus required to succeed as you take the first step towards becoming a top-performing Business Analyst.

Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunities!

Explore the full lowdown on our Salesforce BA training course below:


Get ready to put your project management skills into practice with the Salesforce Business Analyst training course! Our hands-on case studies, scenario-based technical assignments, walkthroughs of the software, and real-time business projects provided in each of our Salesforce training courses will help you apply the concepts you learn and solidify your understanding. Our engaging Salesforce Business Analyst projects are designed to immerse you in real-world industry scenarios, building your translation skills and confidence to take on live projects.

  • Recruitment and
    Hiring Platform
  • Lending and
    Financing Company

How to Become a Certified Salesforce Business Analyst

Our comprehensive guide on Salesforce training for business analysts provides step-by-step instructions to become a certified Salesforce Business Analyst. Gain practical insights, real-world experience and expertise in requirement gathering, project planning, road mapping and management from discovery to delivery.

Learning Path


Learn to lead with expertise in Salesforce with our comprehensive Salesforce Business Analyst training.
Learning Path


Interact in real-time with our experienced & certified Salesforce trainers.
Learning Path


Sharpen your analytical skills through our Salesforce Business Analyst training assignments and projects.
Learning Path


Get personalized attention and guidance with one-on-one doubt-solving sessions.
Learning Path

Test Your

Practice tests will boost your confidence and prepare you for the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification exam.
Learning Path


Put your abilities to test by working on projects and apply your learning and BA skills to real-world scenarios.
Learning Path

Become A Certified Salesforce Business Analyst 

Transform your career and revolutionize the business world as a certified Salesforce Business Analyst.


Our graduates are making a significant impact in a wide range of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Here is just a glimpse of a few of those companies.


Source: Glassdoor
INR 4,20,000
INR 10,35,000
INR 16,45,500


Upcoming Batches

Upcoming batches for the Salesforce BA certification training are now open for enrollment. We provide flexible enrollment options, including weekday and weekend classes. Join us now for an incredible learning experience and connect with like-minded individuals.

What Makes S2 Labs Different?

Salesforce business analyst certification training at S2 Labs acts as a foundation for marketing students in becoming distinguished and expert Salesforce Certified Business Analysts. Our commitment and focus on empowering the students with industry grade practices and Salesforce expertise has resulted in an exceptional learning experience that will help you grab best career opportunity.

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Specialized training to enhance your Salesforce Business Analytics skills

Specialized training to enhance your
Salesforce Business Analytics skills

Salesforce Business Analyst knowledge

Salesforce Business
Analyst knowledge

Salesforce Business Analyst Training FAQs

To assist you in navigating your way through the Salesforce Business Analyst Training process, here are the most frequently asked questions on Salesforce BA training.

A BA (Business Analyst) in Salesforce is responsible for analyzing business processes and requirements and recommending solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness in Salesforce. They work closely with stakeholders, such as business users, developers, and project managers, to gather and document business requirements, create user stories, and define acceptance criteria.

A BA in Salesforce is also responsible for configuring and customizing Salesforce to meet the business needs, such as creating custom objects, fields, and workflows. They may also create reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyze data.

To become a Salesforce knowledge: A strong understanding of Salesforce, its features, and functionalities, is required. Experience with Salesforce configuration, customization, and administration is often necessary.

Communication skills: The role of a Business Analyst involves working hand in hand with various stakeholders associated with a business which includes developers, business users, & product managers Excellent communication & interpersonal skills plays an important role in a Business analyst job profile.

Analytical skills: A Business Analyst should be able to do a thorough analysis on various business requirements & recommend beneficial solutions for improving effectiveness & efficiency of the business.

Team player: A business analyst needs to work on cross functional teams so, being a team player always adds value to the skill set of an analyst.

Certification: A certified Salesforce Business Analyst or Salesforce Administrator is always preferred by organizations so a Salesforce certification always adds value to your profile.

A Salesforce Business Analyst is always expected to have a combination of skills mentioned above.

Develop Salesforce skills: As a Salesforce Business Analyst, you will need to have a strong understanding of Salesforce, its features, and functionalities. You can develop your Salesforce skills by learning through online training of Salesforce couses (Salesforce Administrator).

Get certified: Salesforce offers various certifications for different roles, including Salesforce Business Analyst. Getting certified can demonstrate your expertise in Salesforce and increase your chances of getting hired.

Network: Attend Salesforce events and join Salesforce communities to network with other professionals in the industry. This can help you stay updated with the latest trends and job opportunities.

Apply for jobs: After the successful completion of the Salesforce Business Analyst certification exam one can start applying for job openings on the Salesforce Business Analyst profile over company websites, recruiters, & job boards.

A Salesforce Business Analyst need to work on a variety of responsibilities according to the business model, some of these roles & responsibilities are mentioned below:

Requirements gathering: Work with stakeholders to understand their business needs, gather requirements, and document them.

Analysis and solution design: Analyze business requirements and recommend solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Create solution designs, such as process flows, wireframes, and user stories.

Salesforce configuration and customization: Configure and customize Salesforce to meet business needs, such as creating custom objects, fields, workflows, and reports.

User acceptance testing: Work with stakeholders to create and execute user acceptance testing plans, and ensure that the solutions meet the business needs.

User training and support: It is the responsibility of a Business Analyst to provide support & training to all the end users & make sure that they can use the platform proficiently.

Project management: Business Analysts make sure that a particular project is completed within the allocated time frame & budget while delivering high quality.

Continuous improvement: Regularly evaluate & monitor business in order to generate projections which drive continuous improvement of a business model.

Salesforce Business Analyst is a valuable and in-demand career path with excellent career prospects and opportunities. Here are some potential career paths and opportunities for Salesforce Business Analysts:

Senior Salesforce Business Analyst: After successful completion of a few years working as a Business Analyst one can get promoted to a senior management position.

Salesforce Administrator: A Salesforce Business Analyst can also work as a Salesforce Administrator. An administrator can work towards supporting end-users & customizing the Salesforce according to their needs.

Salesforce Consultant: A certified business analyst can also work as a Salesforce consultant & provide valuable insights on how business can benefit from the implementation of the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Project Manager: An analyst can also work as a project manager & help organizations to oversee a project from initiation to completion.

Salesforce Architect: A business analyst can also work as a Salesforce Architect as they acquire more experience & expertise in design and implementation of the Salesforce platform.

As more organizations across the globe are opting for the Salesforce CRM a wide variety of Excellent opportunity & career prospects are opening up for the role of a Business Analyst.

Studying Salesforce Administration can be helpful for a Business Analyst in several ways. Here are a few reasons:

Familiarity with Salesforce: As a Business Analyst working with Salesforce, it is essential to have a deep understanding of how the platform works. Studying Salesforce Administration can provide you with a solid foundation of Salesforce knowledge, which can help you work more effectively with stakeholders and Salesforce developers.

Configuring Salesforce: As a Business Analyst, you may need to configure Salesforce to meet business requirements. Studying Salesforce Administration can provide you with the skills and knowledge required to configure Salesforce, such as creating custom objects, fields, workflows, and reports.

Collaborating with Salesforce Administrators: As a Business Analyst, you may need to collaborate with Salesforce Administrators to ensure that Salesforce is configured correctly and meets business requirements. Studying Salesforce Administration can help you better communicate and collaborate with Salesforce Administrators.

Understanding Salesforce Limits and Capabilities: As a Business Analyst, you need to understand the capabilities and limitations of Salesforce to recommend the right solutions to stakeholders. Studying Salesforce Administration can help you understand the various features and functionalities of Salesforce, including its limitations and best practices.

Career Advancement: Studying Salesforce Administration can also help you advance your career as a Business Analyst. Many Business Analyst positions require knowledge of Salesforce Administration, and having this skill can make you a more attractive candidate for job positions and promotions.

In summary, studying Salesforce Administration can be beneficial for Business Analysts as it provides a solid understanding of the Salesforce platform and helps in configuring Salesforce to meet business requirements. It can also help you collaborate effectively with Salesforce Administrators, understand Salesforce limits and capabilities, and advance your career.

We provide all our enrolled students with links to attend live online sessions. Students will be able to see the trainer live while explaining the concepts & code, they will also be able to interact with them in real-time.

In order to receive the S2 labs certificate, you must:

  • Attend the live lectures
  • Score at least 60% on all the assignments and tests
  • Complete the projects with at least a minimum score of 60%.
  • Finally, I have a 65% score on the final test.

Yes, practice tests & assignments exactly in the format of the Salesforce certification exam are provided along with the course curriculum. We test our students at different levels in order to track their course progress.

There are several ways:

  • Fill out this form and someone from our team will reach out to you.
  • Schedule a meeting on chat and visit us.
  • Reach us at +91 7568697474
  • E-mail your queries to

You can pay through this link through any of the payment methods(UPI, card, EMI). After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation mail with all the necessary information.

Salesforce is the world's number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform, it allows businesses to manage & interact with customers data. Salesforce provides tools for marketing, sales, analysis, & customer service. The Salesforce platform is delivered through a cloud-based SaaS model.

Salesforce is used across a wide range of industries:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Nonprofits
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Travel and Hospitality

Our Salesforce Business Analyst training program consists of a comprehensive & flexible curriculum which allows you to gain expertise in the field & learn at your own pace. This course is carefully designed by certified Salesfroce professionals and is kept up to date with the latest methodologies & developments in the Salesforce industry.

The average salary for Salesforce Business Analyst ranges from Rupees 5,15,000 to Rupees 5,40,000 .

We provide recordings of each live lecture which can be accessed by any enrolled student at any time.

You need good internet connectivity on your laptop/computer/mobile with zoom meetings installed.

We do provide some promotional offers on our courses. To avail these discounts on our courses you just need to follow our social media handles for updates.

Yes, we provide you with sample resumes & best practices for preparing a professional resume.

We help you schedule interviews with Cyntexa which is a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner in Jaipur. Also, we provide names of the students who perform well in our batches to the companies who reach out for candidates trained in Salesforce by us.

Success Stories

Experience the victories of these innovative students, spanning from newcomers to established leaders in the Salesforce field, as they conquer new heights of success in the world of Business Analysis.


Here we have compiled all the critical questions and answers that you might have related to the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification exam and ace it in one go.

This course prepares you for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam and the Salesforce Business Analyst.

You need to create a Web assessor account and then register for the exam. To know more about the detailed process watch the video now.

You only get 1 attempt to pass the Salesforce certification exams. In case you are not able to pass it on the 1st attempt then you will have to pay the retake fee to appear for it again. Retake fees for Salesforce Business Analyst are 100 USD + taxes.

(Fun Fact: No one who studied from S2 Labs paid for it yet)

You will have 105 minutes to complete the exam.

You can enroll for the upcoming batch at S2 Labs for Salesforce Business Analyst and get the best training to pass the Salesforce BA certification exam. A 30-hour intensive live training that covers all the topics you need to ace the Salesforce certification.

The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst has the following experience:

  • 2 years of Business Analyst experience, including demonstrated success owning and delivering business process improvements
  • 2 years of Salesforce Platform experience
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce BA certification format:

Questions: Total 60 Multiple Choice

Time Allotted: 105 Minutes

Passing Score: 72%

Registration Fees: USD 200 + taxes (depending on the country you are registering it from)

Location: Online or Onsite

Prerequisite: None

Link for more info:

You can schedule the exam based on your convenience and preparation by signing in to your webassessor account. But we recommend you schedule the exam immediately after completing the course as all the topics are afresh in your mind.

Obtaining a Salesforce Business Analyst Certification can be beneficial for individuals in different ways, some use it to enhance their current role and increase their salary within a company, while others use it as a way to improve their resumes and open new job opportunities.

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