Amit Kumar Nagar

Amit Kumar Nagar

Salesforce Developer

A sudden wave of nostalgia hit me as I started to write my own story, this story started when I finished my graduation and started working as a PHP developer. Back then, I remember being a newbie with a lot of curiosity and I had no idea what I was doing, and now here I am with more than 7 years of experience in development.

It has been a pleasure to work as a web developer for so many years. But as time passed by my desire for new challenges and growth started growing. Because as technology evolves, so do opportunities.

As I was already familiar with Salesforce, so I started researching more, and that’s when I found out about S2 labs. As a student who took their Salesforce development training, I was more than satisfied with my experience. Throughout the entire training, the trainer was friendly and supportive and helped me at every step. After the training, I felt a sense of accomplishment and success to take on the Salesforce world.

My journey to where I am now, as a Software Engineer in a well-reputed company in Jaipur, would not have been possible without S2 Labs. They played a huge role in enabling me to accomplish my Salesforce dreams. Now, I can finally say that I truly enjoy the new challenges and growth which I receive today in the Salesforce ecosystem.