Saransh Kuthiala

Saransh Kuthiala

Salesforce Developer

It was after my graduation that I found out about the Salesforce ecosystem and how rapidly it is evolving & growing. After consulting with a few experts, I found my interest in Salesforce development.

Since I already knew how to code, it was easier for me to grasp the other concepts of Salesforce development. I started giving interviews and after a few trials, I was hired by a worldwide reputed company. Everything was well and good but after a few years according to market standards, I lacked newfound skills & knowledge in the Salesforce ecosystem.

As I used to work in the Salesforce industry, I was already familiar with S2 Labs. I knew it is going to be the perfect fit for upskilling my Salesforce knowledge & career. I enrolled in their Salesforce development course and to be honest S2 Labs exceeded my expectations more than I ever thought.

During the training, I learned a lot about the Salesforce industry, which I didn’t know before. After the completion of the training, I began applying for Salesforce developer positions. After a few months, I was thrilled to be chosen by Accenture, a reputable company, as a Salesforce developer with a very good salary. I was overjoyed and couldn’t put into words how happy I felt at that moment.

I am incredibly grateful to S2 Labs for helping me upskill myself and make a successful comeback in my career. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my professional life. I would also like to thank the mentors who imparted their knowledge and supported me throughout this journey. Their guidance was invaluable, and I couldn’t have achieved this without them.