Blessing Awotokun

Blessing Awotokun

Salesforce Developer

Being a member of a family of lawyers, I have always been clear about my career choices. While I excelled in academics and high school, I did the same in college. As soon as I graduated from law school, I was offered a coveted position at a prestigious law firm. In spite of my success, I began to doubt whether this traditional path was right for me. It was then that I discovered Salesforce, and on an impulsive decision, I jumped into it head first.

This transformative journey was a tough & challenging one for me, but I knew I can’t look back. So, without giving it a second thought I continued. After completing Salesforce admin, I chose S2 Labs for the Salesforce development training. It happened to be a great choice for my Salesforce journey. I learned a lot from the trainers here. After the completion of my training, I explored a lot. I started freelancing as a Salesforce developer and now I am working as a Salesforce administrator at STEMCELL Technologies in Canada. Life’s good now, I enjoy my work & that’s the most important thing for me.

Well, I guess you grow and you learn new things and what happens, happens for the best. I thank S2 Labs for helping me in my journey. Kudos to mentors like Mohit and Tushar who truly inspired me to achieve more in my life. I can’t wait to explore more about Salesforce and I am excited for my journey ahead.