Yogesh Verma

Yogesh Verma

Associate Software developer

After graduating in October 2022, I wasn’t able to find a job and was unemployed for a while. I knew that simply sitting and waiting for a job to come to me wasn’t an option. So, I wandered around and started looking for opportunities. While I was on LinkedIn I noticed a lot of job openings for Salesforce developers, so I started looking into my background and found that I would be a good fit in this industry.

It was then that I came to know about S2 Labs by Shrey Sharma in April 2022. I attended their demo and was totally impressed, so I enrolled in their Salesforce training.

Since then it has been quite a journey for me, from starting out as an unemployed graduate to now an Associate Salesforce Developer in just approximately 1 year.

So I would like to take a moment to thank S2 Labs for all that they have done and inspire folks like me, thank you very much for being a shining example of what can be accomplished when passion, hard work, and vision come together.