Salesforce Business Analyst

Growing up, I have always been a curious child, playing around with things and having the urge to understand how they worked, it used to amuse me. With my problem-solving capability, I’ve always known I wanted to enter the world of data analysis and business intelligence. However, I lacked the necessary skills.

One day, as fate would have it, I stumbled onto S2 Labs’ Business Analyst course. A mix of excitement and nervousness drove me to enroll in their program. I spent numerous hours learning the concepts taught by the skilled instructor Harsimran in order to make the most of this opportunity.

The unthinkable happened in a month. I landed a job as a Salesforce Business Analyst at a leading software company. The situation was surreal, but it was just like waking up from a dream.

I work on a dynamic team and daily confront new challenges. I feel equipped to tackle them because of the thorough business analyst training I received from S2 Labs.

Without the training and knowledge I received from S2 Labs, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this result. I am extremely thankful for the chance and glad for the direction I went in. By sharing my experience, I hope to inspire others to pursue rewarding careers of their own.