Refund Policy

General Conditions

By selecting an online Course or Training, you agree to pay Online S2 Labs the one-time and/or monthly or instalment-based fee for the course or training you opted. We thank you for the purchase you made with us. We always try to ensure that our content users should have a rewarding experience while they discover information, access, and purchase our online training or courses.

How does Refund Policy work?

At S2 Labs, user trust is extremely valuable. Our Courses or Training are designed to deliver an effective learning experience and have helped over millions of people to find their professional journey. We refund the amount of the user under the following conditions.

#) Cancellation & Refunds

There is no refund policy for online training. If you accidentally applied for another course or if you wish to switch to another course, it will be executed in accordance with availability. For any kind of changes, you may reach out to our support [email protected]

In the case of Self-paced courses, there will be no refund. If the intention behind the purchase is to copy the content or material, then the user’s access will be blocked immediately. In such a case, no refund of the course fee will be entertained.

S2 Labs Pvt. Ltd. will not be liable for any payment or funds debited from a customer's bank account on the following grounds and no liability shall arise for S2 Labs in respect of such customer claims:

  • Disputing a transaction as not done or authorized by him/her.

  • The charge/debit on the customer's bank account has occurred because of hacking, phishing, breach of security/ encryption of the customer's personal data through a platform or any other third-party platform other than that of S2 Labs.

  • Customer claiming refund of the amounts deducted from his/her bank account on any ground whatsoever, including customer's dissatisfaction with the Client's sale of the goods and/or services to the customer.