About Shrey Sharma

“Whatever that is happening, is happening through you, not because of you. Hence, don’t attach yourself to the failures or the achievements.”

That’s what he said, when asked about the one life lesson he never forgets.

Shrey is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, educator, creator and a fanatic reader (he reads between the lines, be it books or people)

He always had an entrepreneurial mindset, even when he used to spend his free hours sitting at his grandfather’s mithai ki dukaan back in time when he was in school, and then later when he started his own company in a residential basement with 5 of his friends at the age of 19.

Born and brought up in Jaipur, his love for his own home town ran so deep that he eventually decided to drop an opportunity abroad which was paying him millions and went on a separate mission.

His mission was simple: to bring MNC experience to the talented youth of Jaipur right here in their own city.

How? The answer lies in the culture and core value of Cyntexa, the company Shrey built which is now a second home to more than 300 talented and young professionals with year over year revenue growth of 200%.

Being an educator comes naturally to Shrey, his journey of teaching and giving back to the community started when he became a doubt faculty in the institution from where he himself studied and got introduced to salesforce.

Soon after, he started S2 Labs, the first Salesforce training institute in Rajasthan helping students to build their career in the Salesforce domain. Overwhelmed by the response and due to his own limited capacity, he decided to share all his course materials and notes on YouTube.

Why Youtube? He soon realized that providing his Salesforce certification tutorials to the world for free is going to bring a much larger impact on a student’s life, and that’s when he started Salesforce Hulk which is now paving a path for everybody who is seeking guidance in the salesforce ecosystem to build their career or their business.

Whenever he gets questioned about beginning at 19, he states that starting early has been the best decision of his life.Those early experiences shaped him into a better leader and a humble person. He doesn't want to wait for a lifetime to share his wisdom; he believes in passing on knowledge & experience as he goes.

While many perceive Shrey as an overnight success, in his eyes, he's still an underdog. He’ll tell you that there is no sudden overnight success; it's been a continuous effort of almost 9+ years which yielded the results as a bi-product.

Fun is the key aspect here, as without enjoying the process it wouldn’t have been possible.

From spending time at mithai ki dukaan in the old city of Jaipur understanding basics of business to being a serial entrepreneur, he has a long way to go.


He is just a message away, Literally!