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S2 Labs offers one of the most extensive free Salesforce Developer training courses online. This free Salesforce Developer course covers all the essential components for mastering Salesforce Development and achieving certification success. With in-depth tutorials, practical assignments, real-time use cases, and expert guidance, our free Salesforce Developer training online prepares you to clear the Salesforce Developer (PD1) certification with ease.

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Led by Shrey Sharma, a renowned Salesforce expert, our courses have trained over 58,000 students. Shrey offers a free Salesforce Developer tutorial for beginners on  YouTube , complete with notes and resources for every lesson. His expert guidance allows you to learn at your own pace and effortlessly pass certification exams. Embark on your Salesforce Developer journey today with our free Salesforce Platform Developer course .


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Salesforce Development

Discover the world of Salesforce Development, where you'll learn to design and build custom applications and integrations on the Salesforce platform. Our free Salesforce Developer tutorials by S2 Labs provide comprehensive training, covering Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Web Components. Get ready to automate business processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive organizational growth.

Chapter 2 - Apex Basics

Delve into Apex, the powerful programming language for Salesforce development. Similar to Java, Apex is used to create custom triggers, controllers, and server-side code to automate and extend Salesforce functionality. Master the fundamentals with our free Salesforce Developer course and build a solid foundation in Apex programming.

Chapter 3 - Apex Data Types

Explore Salesforce Apex's robust object-oriented programming concepts essential for developing scalable applications. Our free Salesforce Developer course covers Apex data types, methods, and classes, empowering you to create complex and maintainable solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Chapter 4 - Object Oriented Programming

Dive deeper into Salesforce Apex's object-oriented programming (OOP) principles. Learn how to leverage inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation to build efficient applications tailored to business needs. Enhance your skills with practical examples and expert guidance in our free Salesforce Developer tutorials.

Chapter 5 - Logical and Conditional Statements

Master Apex's logical and conditional statements to control program flow effectively. Learn to use if-else statements, switch statements, and more to make informed decisions and execute code based on specific conditions. Elevate your Salesforce Developer skills with our interactive tutorials and real-world scenarios.

Chapter 6 - SOQL

Discover Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) for retrieving data from single objects with precision. Learn to craft efficient queries to fetch records and gain insights into Salesforce data models. Our free Salesforce Developer training ensures you're proficient in SOQL for comprehensive Salesforce development.

Chapter 7 - SOSL

Explore Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) for performing full-text searches across multiple Salesforce objects. Learn to retrieve ranked results efficiently and optimize search queries in our free Salesforce Developer course. Elevate your data querying skills with hands-on practice and expert tips.

Chapter 8 - Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements

Master Salesforce DML statements to manipulate records and transactions with ease. These Salesforce Developer tutorials cover insert, update, upsert, delete, and undelete operations, essential for effective data management in Salesforce applications.

Chapter 9 - Apex Triggers

Automate business processes in Salesforce with Apex Triggers. Learn to execute custom code before or after records are inserted, updated, or deleted. This course provides practical insights and best practices for creating powerful triggers to enhance Salesforce functionality.

Chapter 10 - Exception Handling

Learn Salesforce Exception Handling techniques to manage errors and ensure smooth execution of code. Discover how to use try-catch blocks, custom exceptions, and system exceptions like DML Exception. Be prepared to handle errors effectively in your Salesforce applications.

Chapter 11 - Apex Testing

Ensure the reliability of your Apex code with Salesforce Apex Testing. Write unit tests to validate functionality and prevent regressions before deployment. Our free Salesforce Developer tutorials guide you through writing effective tests and interpreting test results to maintain code quality.

Chapter 12 - Governor Limits & Asynchronous Apex

Understand Salesforce Governor Limits governing resource usage to optimize application performance. Learn about Asynchronous Apex for executing long-running processes asynchronously. This course equips you with strategies to work within limits and maximize application efficiency.

Chapter 13 - APIs

Explore Salesforce APIs (REST, SOAP, and Bulk APIs) for integrating and extending Salesforce functionality. This section covers API basics, authentication, and best practices for interacting programmatically with Salesforce data and services.

Chapter 14 - Lightning Component Framework (Aura)

Unlock the potential of Salesforce Lightning Component Framework (Aura) to build interactive user interfaces. Learn to create dynamic UIs with reusable components to enhance user experiences and leverage Aura's capabilities for modern Salesforce applications.

Chapter 15 - Visualforce Pages

Master Salesforce Visualforce Pages to create customized user interfaces seamlessly integrated with Salesforce data.Learn how to design forms, reports, and dashboards using Visualforce tags and Apex controllers. Elevate your development skills with practical projects and real-world examples.

Chapter 16 - Deployment

Navigate Salesforce Deployment Tools like ANT Migration and Change Sets to move metadata changes across environments. Learn to select, deploy, and track changes between development, testing, and production environments with our free Salesforce Developer training. Ensure seamless deployment and configuration management in Salesforce projects.

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