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S2 Labs offers top-tier Salesforce tutorials, featuring expert guidance, real-life use cases, and practical assignments to boost your career potential. As the premier destination for Admin training, S2 Labs provides 100% free Salesforce training accessible without any registration. Our comprehensive tutorials offer free Salesforce Admin certification preparation, specifically tailored to help you clear the Salesforce Admin (ADM 201) exam and become a proficient Salesforce Admin & App Builder at your own pace.

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Shrey Sharma, a leading figure in the Salesforce community, has developed multiple courses and trained over 58,000 students. His free Salesforce Admin Training on  YouTube  includes detailed notes and resources for every lesson. With Shrey’s expert guidance, you can learn at your own pace and effortlessly navigate certification exams. Kickstart your Salesforce Admin career with our free Salesforce tutorials, covering everything from Salesforce admin training to advanced Salesforce admin tutorials.


Chapter 1 - Cloud Computing

Explore how cloud computing underpins Salesforce Administration, gaining insights into service models, virtualization, and multi-tenant architecture through our free Salesforce tutorials.

Chapter 2 - & CRM Basics

Discover Salesforce as a leading cloud-based CRM platform that automates customer interactions across sales, marketing, and support processes. Learn how CRM technology drives business strategies effectively.

Chapter 3 - Salesforce Platform & Environments

Delve into Salesforce Platform, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering (formerly known as, designed for developing and deploying cloud-based applications and websites. Learn to utilize cloud IDE for efficient app creation and deployment on's multi-tenant servers.

Chapter 4 - Data Modelling

Master Salesforce Data Modeling to structure custom objects, variables, and relationships for precise data analysis. Utilize critical tools like Schema Builder and Object Manager for effective implementation.

Chapter 5 - UI Customization

Enhance user productivity and experience through Salesforce UI customization, adapting interfaces with Lightning Experience for streamlined workflows and enhanced data entry efficiency.

Chapter 6 - Data Management

Gain expertise in Salesforce data management, covering creation, storage, import, and maintenance of data with tools like Data Loader and Data Import Wizard, ensuring compliance and data integrity.

Chapter 7 - Data Security

Learn Salesforce data security principles, safeguarding sensitive data with features such as two-factor authentication and role-based access control to maintain trust and compliance.

Chapter 8 - Queues

Optimize team collaboration and workload management with Salesforce Queues, automating task assignment and business processes to improve productivity and customer service.

Chapter 9 - Process Automation

Automate business processes using Lightning Flows and Process Builder, enhancing efficiency for tasks like email automation and data flow management within Salesforce.

Chapter 10 - Reports & Dashboards

Explore Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to visualize and analyze data, facilitating informed decision-making and performance tracking across devices for business enhancement.

Chapter 11 - Sales Cloud

Utilize Salesforce Sales Cloud to centralize customer information, automate sales tasks, and boost sales team efficiency through streamlined processes.

Chapter 12 - Service Cloud

Implement Salesforce Service Cloud to optimize customer service operations, managing cases, solutions, and customer interactions to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Chapter 13 - MVC Architecture

Understand the Model–view–controller architectural pattern, widely used in Salesforce for developing intuitive user interfaces and efficient application development.

Chapter 14 - Activity Management

Track and manage tasks, events, and calendars efficiently within Salesforce, prioritizing activities to stay organized and focused on achieving business objectives.

Chapter 15 - Miscellaneous

Explore additional Salesforce declarative tools like mass deletes and transfers, enhancing your proficiency in Salesforce administration and completing the comprehensive free Salesforce Admin course.

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