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Good news for Salesforce professionals! The AI NOW Tour, organized by Salesforce, is all set, with its latest event embarking on a journey worldwide. This tour brings Salesforce enthusiasts, leaders, and innovators together to explore the latest updates in the field of artificial intelligence. 

The objective of this tour is to promote AI, show the latest AI tools and technologies, and create a collaborative environment to discuss its expansion. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you must attend this tour to get helpful insights about how AI is transforming the Salesforce and IT industry. 

About AI NOW Tour 

The AI NOW Tour is a global event organized to educate and connect people interested in the world of AI. These events include keynote presentations, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and the opportunity to network with AI experts from several industries. The tour is arranged in major cities across the world, giving attendees a chance to learn about the latest AI updates, applications, and ethical implications.

There is no doubt that generative AI has revolutionized app development in the Salesforce ecosystem. Thus, it creates an excellent opportunity for admins and developers working in the Salesforce industry. So, this AI NOW Tour provides the best chance to get practical experience with Einstein Copilot, Prompt Builder, and Data Cloud. 

This tour provides a top-notch experience because attendees can learn directly from the Developer Advocates and Salesforce engineers. Thus, these experts will answer all the questions related to AI and Data Cloud. Also, participants can enhance their skills to build the next generative applications on the Einstein 1 Platform

How AI is Transforming Salesforce?

Salesforce is using artificial intelligence to transform itself from CRM software into a more robust platform. Here are some points that transformed Salesforce in several ways: 

  • Generative AI for Better Engagement: Salesforce is using generative AI, such as Einstein Copilot to personalize interactions across many platforms, including Sales Cloud, Slack, and Flow. This enables more natural and tailored engagement with clients.
  • Focus on Customer Experience: AI is being utilized to automate jobs, allowing agents to provide better customer service. Furthermore, AI can anticipate client requirements and meet them proactively, resulting in a more positive customer experience.
  • Enhanced Automation: Beyond sales and service, AI automates repetitive processes within the Salesforce platform. This allows users to focus on more strategic tasks and increases overall efficiency.
  • Deeper Business Insights: Artificial intelligence analyzes massive volumes of data to find trends and customer behavior patterns that people may miss. This enables firms to make data-driven decisions that improve their sales, marketing, and customer service initiatives.

Who Should Attend?

This tour is one of the most significant Salesforce events, and you must not miss the opportunity to witness this mesmerizing event. If you are wondering whether you can attend this event, let us make it clear by providing the list of profiles who can join this AI tour. 

  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • IT Managers 
  • Architects 
  • Consultants 
  • Business Analysts
  • Salesforce and AI Enthusiasts

Details for AI NOW Tour 2024

Salesforce has finalized the locations for this AI NOW Tour. We will provide you with the complete city tour details and venue details. 

Agenda of AI NOW Tour 

We are providing you with the complete agenda of the AI NOW Tour for your convenience.

1. Registration and Breakfast (8:00 AM)

Please inform them of your dietary requirements during registration so that they can accommodate your needs.

2. Data Cloud (9:00 AM)

Learn how to start using Data Cloud to connect your data streams and unify your CRM data through identity resolution and CRM enrichment. You will also learn how to leverage data throughout the Einstein 1 Platform.

3. Prompt Builder (11:00 AM)

Discover how to integrate generative AI into your organization using Prompt Builder to create custom prompts based on your CRM data. Generate dynamic field values and enriched data interactions with Prompt Triggered Flows, enhancing data utility across your organization.

4. Lunch (12:00 PM)

You can inform them of your lunch preference during registration so that they can accommodate your needs.

5. Einstein Copilot (1:00 PM)

Unlock the potential of Einstein Copilot as we guide you through the setup and the use of standard actions, teaching you how to use AI to perform tasks. You will also learn how to extend your Copilot with custom actions. Use Flow, Prompt, and Apex Actions to automate and integrate the functions across Salesforce.

6. Advanced AI (3:00 PM)

Enhance your skills with advanced AI use cases. Learn how to incorporate AI into every app you build using Salesforce APIs, tools, and advanced prompt template concepts.

In Light of These Facts

Lastly, it is better to conclude that the AI NOW Tour is more than a series of global events. It provides an in-depth understanding of AI and its potential. This tour creates a cooperative atmosphere where knowledge is shared, ideas are generated, and innovation develops. Whether you are looking to broaden your AI knowledge, network with industry leaders, or explore the possibilities of AI, the AI NOW Tour is an event not to be missed.

Shrey Sharma

Shrey Sharma

The youngest Salesforce MVP in the world in 2019, is a successful serial entrepreneur and CEO of Cyntexa - a prominent global Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Partner. He's also the driving force behind Salesforce Hulk, a popular YouTube channel providing valuable insights to Salesforce enthusiasts. As a thought leader in the Salesforce ecosystem, Shrey is committed to driving business growth through technology.

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