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Data Management Tools in Salesforce

Data Management Tools in Salesforce

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What are Data Management tools in Salesforce?What are Data Management tools in Salesforce?

Salesforce is all about the data, and this data is a valuable source for business insights. Data management in Salesforce refers to the practices and tools used to ensure the accuracy, completeness, security, and accessibility of your data. It encompasses the entire lifecycle of your data, from initial entry to ongoing maintenance and analysis.

Effective data management helps you make data-driven sales and marketing strategies with accurate reports. Data management tools in Salesforce are some built-in tools for effective data management. 

Some of these tools are explained in this blog.

1. Mass Transfer Tool

The first of the Salesforce Data Management Tools is the Mass Transfer Tool. It is used to mass transfer records in Salesforce from one user/queue to another user/queue.

Using this tool, we can transfer records of various standard objects, such as accounts, leads, macros, streaming channels, etc., and all custom objects. Records can be assigned based on the owner, criteria or both. Users require “Transfer Record” permission & Edit permission on the object to transfer records.

Things to remember

  1. Other object records can also be transferred using Data Loader.
  2. You can add only active users to the “Transfer To” field value.
  3. Child object records like contact and opportunity are not visible in the list because their owner field depends on their parent object record. 

2. Mass Delete Tool

The Mass Delete tool is used to delete records & reports. We can mass delete only cases, solutions, accounts, contacts, leads, products, and activities. To mass delete data, users require Modify All Data permission.

Only 250 items can be deleted at a time. Only reports in the public reports folder can be mass-deleted. You can’t mass delete reports that are attached to dashboards or scheduled.

Things to remember

  1. Records can be permanently deleted by selecting the permanently delete checkbox; after this, deleted records cannot be recovered from the Recycle Bin. 
  2. Accounts with closed won opportunities owned by the current user and opportunities owned by a different user will not be deleted unless otherwise stated.
  3. Accounts with associated cases, activated contracts, and partner accounts with partner users will not be deleted.
  4. Contacts with associated cases and partner contacts with partner users will also not be deleted.
  5. Products listed on the opportunities or orders are only archived.

3. Mass Transfer Approval Requests Tool

The mass transfer approval requests tool allows you to transfer or delete more than one approval request at a time. The approval requests can be filtered based on criteria and either transferred to a new user or removed.

4. Mass Update Addresses Tool

Mass Update Addresses can update the country and state/province field value on all the records with a standard address field. These include addresses on accounts, assets, cart delivery groups, carts, contacts, contracts (activated), contracts (not activated), leads, legal entities, orders (activated), orders (draft), and return orders. 

New countries and states/provinces can be added using the State and Country/Territory Picklists option from the Setup.

5. Mass Reassign Account Teams Tool

Mass Reassign Account Teams can be used to add, remove or replace any team member or change the role of an existing team member. You can filter the accounts whose account teams need to be modified. You can also determine the access level (i.e. read/write, read-only, and private) of opportunity, account, and case here.

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