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As you read this blog, we can safely assume you are interested in building a career in Salesforce.

The first question that always arises in this situation is, “How?”. We recently held a webinar to address this question while sharing a roadmap to answer your queries.

Siddhika, Organization Manager at S2 Labs and Harshit, an Expert Trainer of Salesforce technologies, approached the question with their insightful industry experience. In this blog, we will provide you with significant takeaways.

You can watch the entire webinar (and Q&A session) for a detailed presentation on the topic by simply signing up below.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Salesforce Development

So, let’s first understand the reasons behind this rapid growth in Salesforce demand. 

Why are Salesforce Skills High In Demand?

Why are Salesforce Skills High In Demand?

Salesforce is the number 1 CRM platform in the Customer Relationship Management scene. The global Salesforce workforce is expected to reach 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026. 

Here are some of the factors our speakers reasoned with. 

Rapid Growth of the Salesforce Platform

The ever-increasing growth of Salesforce as a CRM Platform is proof of its abilities. This, in turn, calls for Salesforce Professionals also to fulfill the high demand. Thus, in a booming career, Salesforce skills are increasingly required.

Customized Action

This is where the non-tech students and professionals are overjoyed. The point-and-click features of Salesforce allow users to integrate their solutions easily into any business or organization without coding—some specific profiles, such as Salesforce Developers, require knowledge of languages. 


Harshit explains that AppExchange is similar to the Google Play Store on Androids and the Apple Store on IOS.

Salesforce allows users to download any application from this store and integrate it with their user account to reap the maximum benefits of the Salesforce products.

And, of course, there is a small fee to be paid. This feature puts Salesforce ahead of other CRM Platforms.

Cloud Computing

Available on web Salesforce as a system that utilizes the power of cloud computing to be easily accessible. A browser and a reliable internet connection are the minimum requirements to use Salesforce. Everything runs on the cloud, is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from the cloud.

Focus on Customer Experience

Salesforce provides a memorable experience to its customers, making them come back repeatedly. This increases the platform’s credibility and ensures trust between the service provider and the consumer.

The same approach is applied while designing the products at Salesforce as well. The extensive suite of clouds enforces better customer relations and experience for every business that uses Salesforce.

Certification Program

Salesforce runs its certification program for people who wish to earn credible proof of their skill set. There are more than 50 certifications available for various Salesforce profiles.

But as Siddhika adds, “Salesforce certifications add value to your resume and validate your skills, but they are not mandatory to land a job.” 

Global Adoption

The emphasis is laid on how Salesforce is adopted globally, increasing the need for skill-building. The more organizations implement Salesforce in their business, the more professionals are required to be able to utilize the platform.

Benefits of learning Salesforce

Benefits of learning Salesforce

The speakers discussed the pros of getting into the Salesforce industry. Learning about the benefits makes it easier for you to make a solid decision. Let’s take a brief look at these.

  • High demand for professionals: The focus on this factor is the same. If you earn Salesforce, you will be an asset for yourself and your organization. The predictions of the job market fact-check this benefit of the Salesforce industry.
  • Continuous innovation: The speakers emphasize the integration of AI in Salesforce. You can now work with Einstein AI in all your workspaces. These continuous steps towards relentless innovation are another benefit of working in Salesforce.
  • Lucrative career opportunities: The wide variety of Salesforce profiles is a plus point as it provides different career options. These options are open to people with both tech and non-tech backgrounds.
  • High-paying packages: Most people decide to start a career in Salesforce because of the high packages they can bag. And this is true to some extent. Learning trending skills can help you earn the best packages as a Salesforce professional.
  • Career growth: Besides the job opportunities and high pay, Salesforce professionals can upskill themselves with new and innovative Salesforce technology, a gateway to career development.
  • Global community and networking: Various global Salesforce communities exist as a helping hand and provide excellent networking opportunities. Networking is the best way to find mentors, work opportunities, and build meaningful professional connections.

Roadmap to Get Started in Your Salesforce Journey

In the session, Sidhikka laid out a complete roadmap to start and navigate your Salesforce journey. Before we look at the guide, remember our speaker’s wise words: This journey can only start with your confidence.

So be confident, believe in yourself, and follow the roadmap below to become a successful Salesforce professional.

Roadmap to your Salesforce Journey
  • If you are new to Salesforce, you should start your journey as a Salesforce Administrator. This training will help you get the foundational knowledge and skills required. You can diversify into Salesforce Business Analyst or Salesforce Quality Assurance profile as the job opportunities for Salesforce Administrator are comparatively low in India.
  • If you have any prior coding knowledge, you can learn about development in Salesforce. This opens doors for the profile of Salesforce Developer, which is highly in demand. Learning about Lightning Web Components (LWC) is crucial here. Once you have become a Salesforce Developer, after a few years of experience, you can progress into Salesforce Consultant, Architect, or Cloud Specialist profiles.
  • Suppose you do not possess any coding knowledge. You can go into Salesforce Business Analyst or Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin roles directly after admin. After establishing yourself in these roles, you can progress towards Salesforce Consultant or Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer profiles.

That was the roadmap from the speakers, who were incredibly helpful in providing such an easy roadmap for people seeking career advice on Salesforce.

Where to Get Started?

As one of the leading Salesforce Training companies, we consider ourselves fit to answer this question correctly. There are various resources to learn Salesforce from, and S2 Labs is undoubtedly one of the best.

Here are some perks of joining our training:

  1. Live classes and pre-recorded lectures.
  2. A personalized mentorship to cater for the needs of different students.
  3. Real-world scenarios to practice and implement the skills you learn.
  4. Taught by expert trainers and industry professionals.
  5. Special lectures to help with resume building.
  6. Mock interviews and guidance to prepare you for the job opportunities.

One pro tip that our speaker Siddhika shared as a viewer questioned how they can earn high packages. It is as follows, “So, according to me, there’s no such secret sauce.

It’s just practice practice, and practice!”. If you also wish to make good money in this industry the only key is to keep practicing and upskilling yourself.

And with that, the session came to a beautiful end. If you found this information useful then sign up below to watch the full webinar.

Watch the Webinar

If you were not a part of this insightful session, worry not; you can still access the recorded version of our LIVE Webinar by signing up below.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Salesforce Development

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Shrey Sharma

Shrey is the CEO of S2 Labs and Cyntexa. He is also the Youngest Salesforce MVP of the year 2019. He started S2 Labs as the first Salesforce Training Institute in Rajasthan at the young age of 19. He believes in passing on knowledge and a professional learning experience to people. This belief inspired his training journey, and today, S2 Labs has mentored over 50k students with a diverse range of courses.

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