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Have you been preparing for a Salesforce certification? As much as they are essential to be credible in the industry, certifications tend to be challenging to earn.

But worry not; Salesforce Certification Days 2024 is here to help you. From lectures by Salesforce experts to rewards and discounts, these webinars will become your guiding light towards acing that certification exam.

Continue reading to find out more about Certification Days, including its registration, requirements, and best practices.

What are Salesforce Certification Days?

Salesforce organizes regular half-day online webinars called Salesforce Certification Days to help candidates prepare for Salesforce certifications. The webinars are free of cost for all attendees. The main objective of these half day online webinars is to guide students through certification exams. It includes a brief of the exam pattern, major topics covered, and their weightage explained by Salesforce instructors. 

The Salesforce Certification Days are available in several region. The main objective of these certification days is to guide students through certification examinations and at different time slots.

You need to stay updated on the schedule of these events. If they are unavailable in your area, you can still register for the closest time zone. As they are held by Salesforce, the slots are limited and fill up quickly, so it is best to check the Trailhead website regularly.

This opportunity is the ideal moment to demonstrate your practical Salesforce skills and gain a competitive advantage that opens up new doors. Each Certification Days webinar participant will get a certification voucher suitable for a 50% reduction on the exam registration cost discussed in the webinar. 

What to Prepare for Salesforce Certification Days?

As we mentioned, the certification days webinar will be held virtually. The sessions can last for up to 5 hours with only a short break in between and are fast-paced.

A Salesforce instructor will share their expertise, tips, and best practices, so it is best to attend these Salesforce half- day webinars after you have completed your certification prep. Make sure you have done the following before signing up for the webinar:

  • Read the study guide.
  • Completed all necessary Trailhead projects.
  • Used additional research tools.
  • Finished the practice tests.

If you are at the last stage of your preparation journey, then check the information below for registration.

How to Sign Up for Salesforce Certification Days?

To make your registration, you need to visit the Trailhead website and check the currently available events. Click “Register” next to the Salesforce Certification Day you want to join, and you’ll be directed to the class registration page, where you’ll be asked to enter your details.

Once finished, you will receive the confirmation mail and webinar details for joining the webinar you signed up for.

Remember that the sessions are not recorded, so make notes throughout the webinar. If there is any presentation, the slides will not be shared with you before or after the webinar. The primary exam topics will be covered during the session, so further preparation using other resources is advised.

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Salesforce Certification Days are an excellent complimentary tool for exam preparation. You will be prepared to study many best practices and advice that will help you pass your chosen certification.

To get the most out of the event, plan ahead of time and remember to grab your certification discount voucher from the webinar. We provide a variety of training and practice examinations at S2 Labs to assist you in your Salesforce Certification Journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your chosen path. Any Salesforce certification can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to prepare, depending on the prerequisites.

Salesforce Certification Days are free half-day online webinars held by Salesforce to help you prepare for your Salesforce certifications.

No, Salesforce certifications come at a cost. You can access the examination guide and register for Salesforce certification days for free. You will receive a discount on your Salesforce certification cost upon attending the webinar.

Visit the Salesforce Events page or the Salesforce Certification Days section on Trailhead. Find the session relevant to your desired certification and click "Register." You'll receive an email with login details and a reminder before the session.

Salesforce Trailhead offers free modules, learning paths, and practice exams for various certifications. You can also access live training courses and study materials from external resources such as S2 Labs.

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