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Salesforce Developers are the backbone of the entire CRM system due to their core involvement in Salesforce deployment projects. Therefore, Salesforce Developer salary is a hot topic inside the continuously growing Salesforce economy. 

The natural demand for these professionals spiked after the pandemic, and businesses started having tendencies towards going for digital transformation. Salesforce Platform Developers are very in demand, with 165% job growth seen within the last five years in the US. 

Data from International Data Corporation (IDC) also says that Salesforce Economy is expected to create around 1.9 million direct and indirect jobs in India by 2024.

You must have questions regarding benefits received for such an in-demand role, right? In this blog, we will answer all those questions along with details on factors influencing those benefits and how to improve them. 

So, let’s begin with knowing more about Salesforce Developer:

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce Developer is a professional who handles the entire development and deployment process of Salesforce into a business model. They act as critical components in the process of Salesforce development as they manage PaaS (Platform as a Service). Any client or customer hires them to get the Salesforce deployed in accordance with their business requirements. 

By Salesforce Developers, we don’t mean the professionals directly associated with and working with Salesforce. Instead, they may be a member of any company’s team who happens to be working as Salesforce service providers. 

Salesforce Developer job involves working with technologies such as Apex and Visualforce, also involving frameworks such as Lighting Components. If you want to be a Salesforce Developer, first look at the primary roles and responsibilities of Salesforce Developers.

Responsibility of a Salesforce Developer

  • Processing of Salesforce Customization requests for client requirements.
  • Dealing with conventional and routine inquiries from customers.
  • Designing company portal along with necessary components such as page layouts. 
  • Providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform for fulfilling corporate demands and tackling the critical challenges in changing the business environment. 
  • Identification and mapping of functional requirements to the Salesforce features.
  • Developing a suitable framework for the company and dealing with client requests on security changes and feature personalization.
  • Responsible for incorporating customer-driven apps into the system.
  • Collaborate effectively with diversified groups of people and establish positive connections with distinct personalities. 

Due to the diversified skill requirement of the Salesforce Developer job role, it is challenging to meet. Thus, offers are dependent on the number of years of experience and talent of the employee.

In the next part, check out the average salary standard that you can get in a Salesforce Developer role.

Salesforce Developer average Salary standard

Experience is valued in the Salesforce Developer job role thus candidates with more experience receive higher compensation naturally. The average annual Salesforce Developer salary in the USA is around $97,000, as Glassdoor says. Therefore, Salesforce Developers salary for freshers and advanced lies in the $87,000-$155,000 range.

Salesforce Developer average Salary in India

In India, the expected compensation of a Salesforce Developer ranges between INR 400000 – INR 1000000. This amount can shift depending on the experience, certifications, and skills you may hold. 

Salesforce Developer Salary in other countries

The average salary in the UK, Spain, and Australia is around $101K, $53K, and $116K, respectively. However, regardless of the compensation value, the Salesforce Developer career is profitable for Developers. Factors significantly influencing this figure include geographic location, expertise value, and certifications, as explained in the following part.

Factors influencing Salesforce Developer Salary

There are certain factors that determine the value of salary that you may receive as a Salesforce Developer: 


Salesforce Developer certification is a significant part required for Developers looking to make a career in Salesforce. It is a milestone that proves to employers your knowledge and skills. Certification is required to leverage for further promotion in your career and other offers. For more information on preparation and the impact of certification on your Salesforce Developer career, visit S2 Labs.


Experience is the key criterion employers use for deciding the hiring of a Salesforce Developer in their organization. Therefore, more years of experience in the Salesforce Developer role, along with a variety of Salesforce cloud projects will help you achieve better Salaries and projects. 


The offers and packages for Salesforce Developer job vary depending on the organization’s location. The primary factor in this is the cost of living in the geographic location your workplace is located in. For countries such as the USA and India, the Salesforce Developer salary also differs due to the variation in demand and supply of experts. 


Skill is a factor that reflects your talent in the profile regarding learning and comprehension ability. Thus, with more skills on your resume, it can be expected that a higher offer will be provided.

Adding certification, such as Platform Developer 1, on your resume can make your profile more attractive for the Salesforce Developer role. This fact highlights the importance of learning and upgrading the number of skills for a higher pay scale.

Tips To Improve Your Salesforce Developer Salary

Tips To Improve Your Salesforce Developer Salary

Choose a good Mentor to learn from

A good mentor can speed up progress in your career. The same is true for fellow learners with the ability to adjust quickly. Thus, it is essential to surround yourself with such people during Salesforce Developer training. 

Know your pace in Self-Learning

Trailhead allows for upskilling your Salesforce Developer profile, making it more accessible and straightforward. Thus, things with little ways to work around can be looked upon on the Trailhead. Also, S2 Labs has free Salesforce Development tutorials that allow for learning at your own pace. 

Get hands-on experience in integration and LWC components

The ability to integrate is a critical aspect of differentiating between beginner and mid-level Developers. Thus, possessing the knowledge of integrations with much sophistication will allow for career advancement and fancy increment. Integrations are necessary for Salesforce Developers as they represent an advancement in combining multiple systems while maintaining security and data amount. 

LWC components are becoming one of the essential important things for front-end Developers. Salesforce is only maintaining VisualForce/Aura for compatibility reasons.

Thus, to avoid hitting a wall in your career as a Salesforce Developer, it is necessary to have a good grasp of it. Still confused about whether to go for Salesforce Developer career path?

Is being a Salesforce Developer a good career choice?

Salesforce Developer is one of the most pursued job roles in the Salesforce ecosystem. A report on Salesforce market outlook reveals that its expected growth between 2022-2029 is around $13-33.5 billion.

This growth trend showcases the future with broader customers, adoption of Salesforce by Smaller firms, emphasis on field service, simplification of applications, and technology involvement such as IoT. 

With more opportunities in vision, it is reasonable to look at the Salesforce Developer career as one of the profitable options. Thus, it is viable to pursue a career in Salesforce development.


Overall, Salesforce Developer is one of the most profitable and sought-after options for a career in Salesforce. It rose to new heights in demand after the pandemic with new growth opportunities inside the booming economy of Salesforce.

So, now is the best time to move towards a profitable journey with continuous growth and transformation. Remember, your journey as a Salesforce Developer will not be limited to coding; it will require sculpting the future of Salesforce technology with one innovative solution at a time.

Are you already certified as a Salesforce developer? Go ahead with the next levels, such as Salesforce Architects, Salesforce Consultants, and others with more experience and knowledge. To begin your journey in Salesforce development, contact experts leading in the market and get certified at S2 Labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Developer salary in India within the experience span of less than 1 year to 4 years ranges between ₹ 2.6 Lakhs to ₹10.4 Lakhs with an average annual value of ₹4.9 Lakhs based on the latest salary data.

Employees working as Salesforce Developers can earn an average value of ₹20 lakhs. Mainly, the range varies from ₹14 lakhs to ₹52 lakhs based on 28 profiles provided. The top 10% of employees are able to earn more than ₹33 lakhs per year.

The answer to this question lies in the fact that the highest paying job at Salesforce is of a Director of Engineering with a Salary value of around ₹103.3 Lakhs. The top 10% of the employees can earn more than a value of ₹50 lakhs per year.

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