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Once again, Salesforce delivered an unforgettable experience at Dreamforce 2023, its flagship event of the decade. Held in San Francisco, California, this annual conference continues to grow in popularity, earning its reputation as “the largest AI event of the year.” And let me assure you, it was beyond the hype. 

This year, the event was packed with a multitude of groundbreaking announcements, and it’s crucial to stay informed about each one of them. From AI updates to new product launches, being a Salesforce enthusiast, you must be aware of each of them. 

What’s New in Dreamforce 2023? 


Here are the top 5 updates straight from the corridors of Dreamforce 2023 that you must know: 

Einstein 1 Platform

First, in the innovation club, we got Einstein 1, which is the redefined version of the Salesforce platform, curated with trusted AI capabilities, allowing customers to use it without any stress. The key to unlocking the potential of Einstein 1 is Einstein Copilot built in the most familiar interface of the Einstein side panel. 

Both employees within your organization and customers, who can access it through Experience Cloud portals or similar channels, can interact with this conversational AI assistant using everyday language. It allows users to have a conversation as they do with another human, making interactions intuitive and less hectic. 

Einstein Copilot 

This one is one of the out-of-the-box innovations from Salesforce. Einstein Copilot is a conversational AI assistant intended to improve user experience in every application built on Salesforce. 

It will assist users in keeping a smooth and convenient workflow by allowing them to ask questions in natural language and actually receive relevant outputs. Security concerns? This is also backed as all the business data that Einstein Copilot will utilize is stored in Salesforce Data Cloud

Copilot empowers users with extra features to take actions beyond users’ queries, like drafting knowledge articles based on customer interaction and suggesting a new action plan once you drop your sales call to guide you in closing the deal faster.

Copilot Studio 

To support Einstein Copilot, we got Einstein Copilot Studio, which empowers administrators and other Salesforce professionals with both authority and flexibility. You can benefit from the multi-capability of Generative AI and foster productivity by having full control over its usage and reach. It comes with three main components, or we can call them builders for creating Prompt, Skills, and Models.

Prompt Builder: Easily create templates for prompts, define their connection to Salesforce data, and activate them for users. So now, you can create, test, and implement Generative AI prompts for your Salesforce users. 

Skills Builder: Grant access to generative AI within the Salesforce platform through designated “skills.” For example, you can specify that for process A, user X should have certain generative AI capabilities, while user Y may not need the same level of access. Essentially, administrators and similar professionals can embed specific “skills” into Salesforce Flows.

Model Builder: Enjoy the freedom to select AI models, whether it’s Salesforce’s well-honed proprietary large language models, developed over years of training, or models from trusted partners such as Anthropic, Cohere, Databricks, Google Cloud’s Vertex IX, or OpenAI.

Salesforce certifications

Data Cloud: Triggered Flow and Data Graphs

With Data Cloud, you can trigger Flows when certain conditions are met in Data Cloud. It’s like telling Salesforce to start a task when something specific happens in this Data Cloud thing.

Imagine you’re using Salesforce to automate your work, like sending emails when something specific happens, like a customer signing up. This is quite a practice while working on the Flows.

Now, Salesforce has something new called Data Cloud, part of Einstein 1. It’s like having the freedom to access data in real-time from your preferred place, apart from Salesforce.  

How It Works

In Salesforce, you’ll select the Data Space (think of it like organizing your data) and the Data Cloud object (what you want to use) for your Flow.

This means you can now use information from Data Cloud to make your automation even smarter and more responsive. It’s a powerful tool for your Salesforce toolkit!

Slack AI Innovations 

This update about Slack AI is important for Salesforce users because it adds powerful AI features to the Slack platform, making work more efficient and communication better between teams. Plus, it’s backed by Salesforce’s Einstein AI engine, making it reliable and secure. 

What Slack AI Does

Channel Recap: It helps you quickly find important messages in a channel, so you don’t have to sift through all the talk that’s not relevant to your work.

Thread Summaries: Instead of reading through long message threads, Slack AI can summarize the key points for you with just one click.

Search Answers: You can ask Slack AI questions, and it will not only show you relevant messages and files but also give you a summary to help you understand better.

Slack Automation: This feature makes it automation of boring recurring tasks in Slack. It includes a “No Code Workflow Builder” to create automation without coding, support for various tools like Google Workspace and Salesforce Flow, and the ability to create custom Slack apps hosted within Slack itself.

Centralized Access: You can access all your automation workflows in one place, making it convenient to use and customize them for your team’s needs.

So, knowing about Slack AI is essential because it can enhance your productivity and collaboration within the Salesforce and Slack ecosystem. It’s definitely going to turn the tables and make work on Salesforce easier than ever before. 

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Technical Highlights at Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Salesforce Developers 

According to IDC reports, entailing insights into the potential impact of Salesforce innovation draws a secure path for having a bright future.

Fact: Between 2022 and 2028, it is estimated that Salesforce could generate approximately 18 million jobs worldwide, resulting in a net increase of 11.6 million employees.

Dreamforce Keynote unveils the substantial investment of Salesforce in its developer ecosystem. Advanced features in the Apex RoadMap, DevOps Center enhancements, and Sandbox updates signify a future where Salesforce developers have the tools needed for efficient application development, testing, and deployment.

Let’s dive deep into the rock-solid capabilities and features that were unveiled: 

Apex RoadMap

  • User Mode DB Operations with Permission Sets: It is a longer-term plan to redefine how developers will interact with all database operations, simultaneously taking care of control and security at the minute level. 
  • Formula Evaluation in Apex: Another long-term objective aims to simplify complex calculations and logic in Apex, making it more user-friendly.
  • Nullish Coalescing Operator and Zip Support: These are set to be rolled out soon, with Zip Support available in a developer preview, offering improved data compression capabilities.
  • Einstein for Developers: An exciting announcement hinting at the direct integration of Einstein’s AI capabilities into the development process, enhancing app intelligence.

DevOps Center Enhancements

  • Integration with BitBucket and JIRA: Streamlining the development process, enabling seamless version control and efficient task tracking.
  • New CLI Plugin: Simplifying deployment tasks with a dedicated CLI plugin.
  • Combined Work-dependent Items: Enhancing collaborative development, ensuring efficient handling of interdependent tasks.

Sandbox Updates

  • Upgradable Sandbox Storage: Ensure scalable testing environments that handle large datasets without performance hiccups.
  • Quick Clone and Create Features: Accelerate sandbox setup for more efficient development.
  • Sandbox Support for Data Cloud: Access real-world data to enhance testing and app readiness.
  • Scale Testing Service: Evaluate app performance under various loads, ensuring scalability and efficiency.

In addition, the Dreamforce Keynote 2023 underlines Salesforce’s dedication to integrating AI across its suite of tools, including the developer ecosystem. The introduction of Einstein Copilot and its capabilities holds the promise of redefining how developers craft AI-powered applications on the Salesforce platform.


In conclusion, Dreamforce 2023 has once again demonstrated Salesforce’s ability to transform CRM and developer capabilities. These exciting features open up promising opportunities for both Salesforce developers and businesses.

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