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The Salesforce market is growing rapidly and showing no downtime in the upcoming future. This staggering rise increasing the demand for Salesforce developers, associatives, admins, and respective jobs. However, one should be required to pass the new Salesforce certifications exam, which converged recently to Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant.

Salesforce also reveals some truth and reality about the rumors about AI. This news no more surprises you if you have been following current highlights as the pattern of Data Cloud comes to the limelight. 

This trend was further pushed by GenAI innovations in the Salesforce Platform, such as Einstein GPT’s reliance on connectivity provided by the Data cloud. This established the magical trifecta being pursued by Salesforce as AI + Data + CRM. You must know why the new Salesforce certification in data cloud and AI is a big deal. 

Let’s dive to learn more about why these certifications are gaining traction for hiring new industry talents. 

What is Data Cloud Consultant and AI Associate Certification

Salesforce Accreditation for Data Cloud

Salesforce Accreditation for you are credentials designed for the purpose of giving proof to your extensive knowledge in specific areas of Salesforce platform such as products or new challenging features. They are also exclusively available for Salesforce partners (accessed via the Partner Learning Camp). 

The reason for informing you about this is that any Data Cloud Accredited Professional attempts after September 5 will be canceled. For rescheduling an accreditation exam after September 5 you need to schedule the exam on WebAssessor.

Data Cloud’s credential is changing from accreditation to certification, offering a chance for any Salesforce professional. Also, the credential for Data Cloud is converting from accreditation to certification meaning an opportunity for any Salesforce professional. Now let’s talk about Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant certification.

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Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant Certification

Data Cloud Consultant certification holds applicability for administrators as well as other roles if you can meet and maintain scalable requirements for customer business in Data Cloud. 

In other words, you can build a Data Cloud to cater to both the immediate and long-term needs of the company. For those targeting this here are some recommended experiences to pursue Salesforce Data Cloud computing certification:

  • You should have two or more years of experience in terms of implementing and working with the data strategy and data modeling that includes building multiple solutions on Salesforce clouds.
  • Knowledge about data cloud capabilities and terminologies is necessary.
  • Experience related to development, strategy, business analysis, presales solutions, or architecture.

Above mentioned skill set reflects predictions for what certified Data Cloud professionals should be skilled at. Now let’s talk about Salesforce AI Associate certification.


Salesforce AI Associate Certification

Salesforce AI Associate Certification was officially released on September 6th’ 2023. You can directly register for the certification if you have an existing account on Webassessor or by creating your own account. Also, you can check the official study material on Trailhead. 

Salesforce has designed this certification for professionals and business leaders who inevitably want to upskill their knowledge. This certification highlights foundational ethical and responsible data handling and much more.

In essence, we can say that it is similar to the Salesforce Associate certification, which has been taken by entry-level professionals, reps, recruiters, and other niche roles.

What can you learn from this certification?

  • Core understanding of Salesforce platform, such as data management, security considerations, Customer 360, and system navigation.
  • Effectively collaborate with other experts in AI.
  • Identify AI-based tools in Salesforce.

So, now you must be clear about the new Salesforce certification and the needed fundamental experience. 

Let’s look at the exam outline for each of these certifications.

Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant certification Exam Outline

1. Solution overview (18%)

  • Business value, use cases
  • Data cloud lifecycle and its dependencies (Things that need to be in place before its implementation)
  • Data ethics

2. Data cloud setup and administration (12%)

  • Permissions
  • Data stream types and data bundles
  • Data spaces use cases and their creation
  • General administration
  • Data explorer, profile explorer, and APIs

3. Data Ingestion and modeling (20%)

  • Transformation capabilities (Streaming and Batch)
  • Data Ingestion from different sources into Data Cloud
  • Define, map, and model data for identity resolution
  • Inspect and validate ingested and modeled data

4. Identity resolution (14%)

  • Matching and rule sets
  • Reconcile data and rule sets

5. Segmentation and Insights (18%)

  • Segmentation use cases and maintenance
  • Analyzing segment membership
  • Calculated versus streaming insights

6. Act on Data (18%)

  • Activations use cases and troubleshooting
  • Attributes and related attributes
  • Timing dependencies
  • Data actions use cases

Salesforce Associate AI Exam Outline

1. AI Fundamentals (17%)

  • Explain the basic principles and applications of AI within Salesforce
  • Differentiates between the types of AI and their capabilities

2. AI Capabilities in CRM (8%)

  • Identify CRM AI capabilities
  • Describe the benefits of AI as they apply to CRM

3. Ethical Considerations of AI (39%)

  • Describe the ethical challenges of AI (E.g. Lack of transparency, Human Bias involved in machine learning, etc.)
  • Apply Salesforce’s Trusted AI principles to given scenarios

4. Data for AI (36%)

  • Describe the importance of data quality
  • Describe the elements/components of data quality

Although it may seem that some of the topic areas are out of grasp you need to remember that this is an entry-level certification and these areas can be skilled up very quickly. Salesforce also has a fantastic release of Trail Mix on Trailhead that includes all their AI and GenAI content.

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Prerequisites for attempting

Prerequisites are the conditions required to be fulfilled by the candidate before attempting Salesforce certification exams. The Data Cloud and AI Associate Certification is ideal for professionals who work with Salesforce and wish to enhance their data analytics and AI skills. 

For the new Salesforce certification, these are the prerequisites that you need to fulfill:

  • Salesforce Data Cloud certification has no strict prerequisites prior to the examination.
  • There are no needed prerequisites for the Salesforce Certified AI Associate exam but we recommend you to complete Salesforce Associate Certification before going for AI Associate.

Cost of Certifications

For the new Salesforce certifications, you need to submit the cost as follows:

  • The cost of taking Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant certification is like any other consultant certification at a price of $200 and is booked through WebAssessor.
  • On the other hand, the cost of Salesforce AI Associate certification is around $75 with free retakes.

Planning to get Salesforce certified? Dive into our ultimate guide for all Salesforce Certifications

Preparing for Success

Salesforce’s Trailhead platform is a treasure trove of learning resources. Specific modules related to data analytics, AI, and the Data Cloud can provide valuable insights and hands-on experience. Salesforce also offers training programs and workshops that align with the certification’s content. The official Trailhead exam guide for Data Cloud Consultant certification describes the ideal candidate as: 

Consultant having experience in implementing and consulting on enterprise-level data platforms in customer-facing roles including designing, configuring, and architecting their solutions.

Salesforce also released a new guide for candidates like you looking to ace Salesforce AI Associate certification

Salesforce certifications


In conclusion, choosing to pursue the Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant and AI Associate certifications is a strategic move that can greatly benefit both seasoned professionals and aspiring candidates in the ever-evolving world of Salesforce. These certifications not only solidify your expertise in the Data Cloud but also open up exciting opportunities to leverage GenAI innovations.

By opting for these new Salesforce certifications, you are positioning yourself at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, ensuring your skills remain relevant and competitive in the industry. As the Data Cloud continues to evolve, staying certified in this field will not only protect your current career but also pave the way for exciting new prospects.

In addition, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Dreamforce session on September 13th, where you can stay updated on the latest developments in the Salesforce AI Associate certification. This session promises to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay ahead in the Salesforce ecosystem.

In summary, the choice to pursue Salesforce certifications is a decision that can enhance your career trajectory, empower you with the latest skills, and connect you to a world of opportunities in the Data Cloud. So, seize the chance to future-proof your career by embracing these certifications today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If technical know-how is not your expertise, then doing Salesforce-certified administrator training benefits you, and by the time, you can switch to a senior position. If you are a technical giant, then doing. The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator course must be recommended.

Certified Salesforce professionals often command higher salaries compared to their non-certified counterparts. By investing in the certification, you can enhance your skills and increase your earning potential thus paving the way for salary raises, promotions, and better job offers.

Salesforce Certified Technical Architects are the highest tier as they combine both the domain architecture tracks and demonstrate knowledge, skills, and capabilities across all domains. This certification helps in gaining in-depth knowledge about native Salesforce features and functionalities.

Salesforce has dominated the technical industry for multiple years with no signs of slowing down whatsoever in 2023. As a result of this, the demand for professionals with expertise in Salesforce is much higher than ever before.

The list of best Salesforce cloud options for your business is as follows:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Apps Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • IoT Cloud
  • Integration Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud

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