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The buzzing word in both IT and non-IT industries these days is the Business Analyst Career. Due to their multitude of talents and ease with maintaining business relations, these folks are always in demand.

Have you also been wondering how you can get extensive checks as an analyst?

Well, do not worry, as we addressed this issue in our latest webinar with our in-house expert business analyst.

In this blog, we will walk you through what the profile of a Salesforce Business Analyst Career entails and how you can earn a great package. We have curated this information, keeping both freshers and experienced folks in mind.

You can watch the entire webinar (and Q&A session) for a detailed presentation on the topic by simply signing up below.

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Let’s begin with our starter question and explore what a Salesforce Business Analyst does.

Who is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst career is a fascinating profile as they are like a bridge between the technical teams and the clients. However, it is a misconception that filling the gap between these teams is the only job they do. Basically, the BAs are responsible for communicating between different teams and collaborating with stakeholders to ensure a smooth project process.

They can choose their role as a consultant or a project manager based on their interest in expertise. As our experts in the webinar explained, a business analyst must be well-informed about both pre-sales and post-sales processes. After that, it is ultimately their choice to be a part of either or both methods.

Let’s understand what these processes involve.

In pre-sales, analysts directly deal with clients, explaining to them the services offered by their organization and pitching solutions for the client’s business issues. They are responsible for converting a lead into a customer.

In the post-sales process, the business analyst is responsible for understanding the needs of the clients and making sure these needs are conveyed to the technical team. They also manage the project process until completion.

How is a Salesforce Business Analyst Different?

Now, people usually confuse a Salesforce business analyst with a general business analyst. Well, there is a little difference between the two. As we already mentioned, a BA is a mediator and communicator between teams. Thus, a Salesforce BA needs to be well-versed in the Salesforce Platform to be able to communicate between teams regarding Salesforce.

If you wish to become a Salesforce Business Analyst, then you must have a basic understanding of Salesforce. We recommend the Salesforce Admin Training to get started, and this is where we mention the best part: you do not need to be a technical expert to become a Salesforce Business Analyst. 

Now that you have an understanding of the role, how can you pursue this Business Analyst Career path? Our experts have answered this question in detail in the webinar, and we are providing you with a brief overview of the Salesforce BA Roadmap.


Roadmap for becoming a Salesforce Business Analyst

To start your Salesforce Business Analyst Career, our experts have devised a complete roadmap. By following this roadmap, you can easily navigate the industry whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional. So, let’s get into it!

Set the Right Foundations

Suppose you want to join the business analyst domain in Salesforce or want to grab a higher package. In that case, you need to build a great foundation first. Start your journey by learning about the Salesforce platform and the various services that it provides. You can use the Trailhead platform, which is a free space for Salesforce enthusiasts. Complete missions and earn badges to reach the certification eventually.

Consider Learning Salesforce Admin.

Although it is no longer mandatory to have Salesforce Admin certification in order to gain Business Analyst certification, it is the first step towards any Salesforce Profile. You should learn about the point-and-click tools that are used in the admin profile.

The Salesforce Admin course also provides a deep understanding of how Salesforce works. If you are not leaning towards coding work, then you can directly move on to the Salesforce Business Analyst Career Training. 

Dive Into the Salesforce BA Training

Once you have the required knowledge of the platform, you can get into the Salesforce Business Analyst Career. Go through the elaborate training course to understand the ins and outs of being a BA specializing in Salesforce.

This is the step where you will learn about the various services in-depth and how to pitch these services to the clients as an analyst. You will also learn about the methods of implementation of services provided by Salesforce and discover how to oversee the project management lifecycle.

That is the end of your road to becoming a Salesforce Business Analyst and growing your career as a professional. Now, let’s delve into the factors that affect Salesforce Business Analyst Compensation and how you can use them for your benefit.

Factors Affecting Salesforce Business Analyst Salary

The salary of a Salesforce Business Analyst may vary depending on various factors. These factors not only decide the current packages but also predict the future growth opportunities of this profile. Let’s take a look at these factors one by one and understand how you can increase your Salesforce Business Analyst Compensation. 

Platform Knowledge

The most important part of this role is to have a deep understanding of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce has combined different cloud services and technologies to create the number one CRM Ecosystem, which is globally adopted. To establish your Salesforce Business Analyst Career, you should be able to pitch the services of the Salesforce Platform without missing any feature. If you have the relevant knowledge, then you will get the highest package in this profile.


The experience that one has in this field directly impacts the Salesforce Business Analyst Compensation. Of course, the skill set you possess has great importance, too, but these skills are often acquired after working as a BA for quite some time.

To garner this experience, you can start by participating in projects and internships on the fresher level. Once you have acquired a job then you must upskill and gain relevant experience to progress in your career as well as in your package.


One thing that instantly adds credibility to your profile is a certification. While they are not necessary to land a job, they surely increase your chances of securing a high-paying package.

Earlier, the Salesforce Admin certification was a prerequisite to earning a Salesforce BA certificate, but since May 2023, it is not compulsory. Some Salesforce Business Analyst Certifications that you can consider to earn are listed below for your reference.

  • Salesforce Certified Business Analyst: Beginner-level certification 
  • Scrum Master
  • Salesforce Certified Consultant: To progress into a Consultant role

Industry Knowledge

If you are working as a BA in Salesforce, then you must be aware of the Salesforce industry. The services that you will be offering as a consultant to businesses will be related to Salesforce’s CRM services.

Thus, you must have a thorough knowledge of all your competitors, target audience, market scenarios, etc. This knowledge will help you negotiate your salary hikes during appraisal or even progress into a consultant role.

Client Relationship management

As a business analyst, you will be at the forefront of talking to clients. You must have clear communication skills and be able to collaborate with stakeholders.

Interpersonal skills are a must-have in this case, as while pitching the CRM to your client, you will be acting as the relationship manager. Throughout the implementation process, you will be the mediator between the client and the technical team.

These skills will also increase your chances of scoring a high-paying package in the industry.



Salesforce BA is an up-and-coming career profile with heaps of opportunities. The industry is ever-growing, and you can also grow along this path with the help of our roadmap.

Whether you are a fresher only getting started in the journey or an experienced professional seeking a salary hike, the Salesforce Business Analyst Career Webinar will give you an insight into how you can achieve your goals.

Shrey Sharma

Shrey Sharma

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