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Trailblazers! The wait is finally over! Get ready for the most awaited annual event – Dreamforce 2024“! Salesforce will organize this biggest event, which will be held in the city of Bay, San Francisco, California. Save the dates for September 17 to September 19, 2024, in your calendar so that you can get prepared for this exciting event.

Registrations for this event are open now officially. So, you must take advantage of the chance to book your seats in the most influential Salesforce tech event. Here, you will get the opportunity to meet other trailblazers and industry experts who contributed their skills and knowledge to enhance customer relationship management. 

Who can Attend the Dreamforce?

If you want to join this Salesforce event, you should book your Dreamforce 2024 tickets right now because there are no limitations for the individuals who wish to attend this event. This event welcomes all the Salesforce developers, admins, architects, consultants, trailblazers, and enthusiasts who work with the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Glimpses of Dreamforce 2023

Remember last year’s Salesforce Dreamforce event? We received a glimpse into CRM’s fascinating future with the star of the show, Einstein AI, and its ability to customize how we use Salesforce. Here are some points highlighting the glimpses from last year’s Dreamforce event:

1. Launch of Einstein 1 Platform

Salesforce builds trust factor in AI by launching Einstein AI, which is designed as the low-code platform for secure data connectivity while building AI applications.

2. Investment Opportunities

Salesforce created a $500 million fund for the AI innovators and trailblazers who are working on the Einstein 1 platform.

3. Presence of Sam Altman at Dreamforce 2023

The co-founder of OpenAI, Sam Altman, stole the show at last year’s Dreamforce event. The presence of this tech giant and his knowledge of AI motivated many trailblazers.

4. Google Workspace and Salesforce Integration

Dreamforce 2023 witnessed the partnership of Google with Salesforce. Under this partnership, Google found a partner company for duet AI in the workspace. On the contrary, Google has also become the first taker of the Einstein Copilot launched by Salesforce.

5. Partnership with Databricks and Snowflake

Salesforce announced the integration of Data Cloud with the Databricks Platform to facilitate data sharing. Salesforce also merged with Databricks’ competitor Snowflake before Dreamforce 2023 last week. The deeper connection enables Salesforce and Databricks users to access each other’s data within their respective systems.

What to Expect in Dreamforce 2024?

While the major announcements for this year are yet unknown, one thing is certain: Dreamforce 2024 promises to be another information-packed event. Last year, 40000 people attended the Dreamforce conference, and probably this year, the number of attendees will beat that number. 

Now, the major question stuck in every Salesforce person’s mind is: what will happen in the Dreamforce event this year? For those who don’t know, let us provide you with this helpful information that Salesforce has started its preparation to turn this tech conference into a blockbuster event. 

For example, Salesforce created the Dreamforce National Park on Howard Street, San Francisco, to combine nature and technology. For sure, this would be an unforgettable experience for the attendees. 

They will come up with product demos, industry sessions, engaging events, and Dreamforce parties. It is one of the greatest Salesforce events because here, you get the chance to meet like-minded individuals and industry experts and get exposure to learn about the latest enhancements in Salesforce technology. So, if you are planning to book your flight to attend this mega event, you can expect the following things this year:

  • Latest Features and Products: Get a sneak peek at all of the new Salesforce features that will make your communication easy with customers and more productive than ever before.
  • AI Made Easy: Dive into Einstein AI, Salesforce’s helpful “smart assistant.” Learn how it may personalize client interactions and propel your organization forward.
  • Meet the Salesforce Star Players: Connect with top experts and Salesforce lovers. Attend seminars hosted by industry leaders and Salesforce keynote Dreamforce speakers to learn useful tips and tricks for becoming a Salesforce pro.
  • Learn and Laugh: Dreamforce 2024 is more than simply lectures! Expect enjoyable, hands-on activities, Dreamforce parties, and fantastic opportunities to network with other guests.

NOTE: By chance, you may not be able to attend the event personally, but you must know this valuable information that Dreamforce 2024 will be streaming live on Salesforce+. You can also sign up for free and catch up on all the important insights from this event. 

Pricing of Dreamforce 2024 tickets

The price of Dreamforce 2024 tickets is mainly categorized into three different passes, which are as follows:

1. Early Bird: This early bird pass offers you a 20% discount, but it can only be availed by the early birds who register quickly on the official Dreamforce site. The price of this pass is $1499. 

2. Standard: This pass will cost you $1999. 

3. Last Chance: This is the last and ultimate chance for you to enroll yourself in this event. The price of this pass is $2999. 

Tips for First Time Attendees

Everyone goes through a first experience, but if you have chosen to attend this technological event for the first time, here are some essential points to consider:  

Plan Properly: Review the agenda and choose the sessions and events you want to attend. Prioritize your desired sessions while leaving some room for advantageous opportunities.

Comfortable Attire: You must wear the attire that makes you comfortable because you’ll be moving a lot. Layers are best for San Francisco because you cannot predict weather in this city.

Stay Connected: Use the Dreamforce app to receive updates on session locations, times, and any changes. It’s also an excellent resource for networking with other attendees.

Explore the Expo: Remember to check out the expo hall, where you can meet the Salesforce partners and get solutions that will help your organization.

Book your Hotels Timely: Do you know that hotels for Dreamforce get booked fast? While registering for the event, you should check out all the hotel options and availability to secure your accommodation at a lower cost. 

How to Register?

The Dreamforce 2024 registration process is very simple. You have to visit the Salesforce Dreamforce registration page, choose the pass that matches your needs, and fill out the registration form.

It is a fast and efficient process to be a part of this life-changing event. Early registration is strongly recommended because many Salesforce enthusiasts like you grab the seats earlier and enjoy discounted rates.

In Light of These Facts

Lastly, it is better to conclude that no matter whether you are a Salesforce specialist or just starting, Dreamforce 2024 is an incredible event that you should not miss. So, book your place now to be a part of the year’s most awaited Salesforce event. Prepare yourself to get inspiration and education at this mega conference. Also, witness entertainment at this tech-dream event, which will take place in the heart of California, San Francisco. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Dreamforce 2024?

Dreamforce is open to a wide audience! Anyone interested in Salesforce, including developers, admins, architects, consultants, trailblazers, and enthusiasts, is welcome to attend.

What are the expected highlights of Dreamforce 2024?

Specific announcements haven't been revealed yet, but attendees can expect: Product Demos & Feature Reveals Focus on AI Industry Experts & Networking Engaging Activities & Entertainment

How much do Dreamforce 2024 tickets cost?

Tickets are offered in three tiers: Early Bird ($1499) Standard ($1999) Last Chance ($2999)

Can I attend Dreamforce virtually if I can't be there in person?

Yes! Dreamforce 2024 will be live-streamed on Salesforce+. Sign up for free to catch all the key insights and announcements from the event.

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