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Do you want to become a certified business analyst?

Well, the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification is just what you need. Whether you are a beginner in Salesforce or already familiar with the Salesforce platform, the career path of a business analyst is beneficial.

It is suitable for business analysts with significant work experience who want to transition to Salesforce. This certification will open new doors for you in the Salesforce industry.

It will test you on business process mapping, development support, collaboration skills, etc., to help you communicate with stakeholders. You should demonstrate the application of these skills as well to earn the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification. 

If you are passionate about solving business problems, then read ahead and get a detailed guide on Salesforce Business Analyst Certification. 

What is the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification?

The Salesforce business analyst certification is a testament to your business analyst skills to help you pursue a career in Salesforce. From the foundation of Salesforce to complex business problems, you will be tested in every aspect to become a certified BA.

It is designed to prepare you for a career in Salesforce by validating your knowledge and skill sets while using best practices. It will help you develop the skills to facilitate project discovery, do process mapping, and write clear and complete user stories.

With a Salesforce Certification for Business Analyst, you can grab a high-paying job and make swift transitions in your career. 

Who is it For?

The Salesforce BA Certification is helpful for individuals starting their careers in Salesforce. If you have hands-on experience understanding complex business plans and devising solutions, consider this credential.

Until May 2nd, 2023, Salesforce Administrator was a prerequisite to register for the Business Analyst position, but this is no longer the case. We recommend it for people with prior business analysis skills, such as eliciting requirements, mapping business processes, writing user stories, validating solutions, testing user acceptance, and facilitating virtual and in-person workshops. 

If your objective meets the above description, consider taking the certification exam. For the exam, you must possess the following skills. 

Prerequisites for the Salesforce BA Certification Exam

A candidate for the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Exam should have knowledge, skills, and experience in the following areas:

  • Have familiarity with the Salesforce implementation lifecycle
  • Understand facilitation, documentation techniques, and Salesforce environment best practices.
  • Knows how to map business processes, elicit requirements, and write user stories.
  • Has experience in a given industry environment
  • Break down complex business processes into manageable steps.
  • Evaluate and recommend Salesforce features as part of solution design.
  • Possess effective written and verbal communication skills when working with business and technical stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Apply strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Exam Overview

The certifications are awarded through a specified process, much like any other Salesforce Certification. The exam is available in two formats: online proctored environment or onsite at a testing facility in proctored mode. Obtaining the Business Analyst Certification is a rather straightforward process. The details of the examination are as follows:

  • Exam Format: 60 multiple-choice questions and up to 5 non-scored questions
  • Time allotted: 105 minutes
  • Passing score: 72%
  • Registration fee: US $200 plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Retake fee: US $100
  • Prerequisite: None

Now that you know the exam pattern, let’s explore the key topics included in this exam.

Topics Covered in Salesforce Business Analyst Certification

The Salesforce Business Analyst Certification will test the knowledge and skills of appearing candidates based on some relevant business analysis topics. Here, we will discuss the topics covered in this Salesforce Certification for business analysts.

Topics Covered in Salesforce Business Analyst Certification

1. Customer Discovery: 17%

Customer discovery is a major topic in the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Questions. You should be able to analyze the customer’s Salesforce environment and determine business strategies, goals, initiatives, and challenges to define the scope of a Salesforce project.

Additionally, you need to align them with business needs and recommend potential solutions for the implementation lifecycle. You need to have an understanding of business analyst roles and responsibilities to ace this section. 

2. Collaboration with Stakeholders: 23%

Collaboration with stakeholders is key to business analyst jobs. Thus, this section will test your ability to identify key stakeholders and develop relationships with them as a trusted advisor.

As a liaison between business and technical teams, you will be given a scenario to choose the most effective technique for eliciting business needs from stakeholders.

3. Business Process Mapping: 12%

Business process mapping will need you to demonstrate how to define the scope of a complex business process and break it down into manageable steps. You should be able to analyze and document a business process in a version-controlled repository to elicit requirements and engage stakeholders in visualizing a future state.

4. Requirements: 18%

This section will require understanding the differences between scope, requirements, and user stories. To earn the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification, you must know how to identify, validate, prioritize, and document requirements.

5. User Stories: 18%

The User Stories section is basically designed to test your understanding of the components of a user story to perform a thorough analysis. The questions can be framed on how to write acceptance criteria that convey the requirements and are ready for development.

Here, the certification required for business analysts will check if you can document user stories in a version-controlled repository to manage scope.

6. Development Support and User Acceptance: 12%

As a business analyst, you should know how to support and validate project delivery to ensure the solution meets the requirements. Additionally, the knowledge to support and validate user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the requirements are met is also necessary to clear this section. 

That is all about the exam pattern and syllabus for the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification. You will require a strong strategy if you wish to take the examination. So, let us share some of our tips, which will help you easily clear the exam.

Salesforce Business Analyst Career Training

Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Tips

Any exam preparation plan is an essential first step. Here’s where you’ll come up with strategies and responses to any queries you could have. Continue reading for some beneficial Salesforce Business Analyst Certification tips that you may use in your planning approach.

  • Acquire a thorough comprehension of the syllabus and acquaint yourself with the fundamental ideas that will be discussed in the test.
  • Apply these ideas to a project after gaining a theoretical understanding to get a hands-on knowledge of marketing cloud engagement tools.
  • To ace any exam, the best strategy is to practice. Thus, make an effort to take as many practice exams as you can to become accustomed to the format and style of questions on exams.
  • Participate in study groups; you’ll get faster answers to your questions when you study with others. You can learn from the professionals in these areas by looking for mentorship.
  • You can use the study guide and Trailmix, which are official study materials offered by Salesforce on their site. 


Salesforce Business Analyst certification validates your expertise in bridging the gap between business needs and the capabilities of the Salesforce platform. It demonstrates your ability to translate business requirements into actionable Salesforce configurations and customizations.

This credential adds weight to your resume and showcases your commitment to the Salesforce ecosystem, making you a more competitive candidate. It covers some essential topics such as Business process modeling, Salesforce configuration, data analysis, reporting, security, and best practices.

Several online resources and the Salesforce Business Analyst Course help you assess your knowledge and identify areas for improvement before taking the certification exam. So get started with your prep and achieve new heights as a Salesforce Business Analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no formal prerequisites, but Salesforce recommends having a foundational understanding of business analyst concepts and experience using the Salesforce platform. A few years of experience as a business analyst is preferred.

The exam covers various functionalities surrounding the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce business analyst. It includes business process mapping, collaboration, customer discovery, etc.

Salesforce offers various resources, including official study guides, practice tests, and trailhead modules specifically designed for business analyst certification. Additionally, many third-party vendors offer practice exams and study materials.

The exam is a multiple-choice format with 60 questions; you are given approximately 110 minutes to complete it.

The current cost of the Salesforce Business Analyst exam is USD 200.

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