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The summer internship is always a milestone in a student’s academic journey. It offers crucial opportunities for you to attain hands-on experience, relevant skills, and one-on-one mentorship from the experts.This summer, you must effectively utilise your time.

Learning something new and exciting is better than locking yourself within four walls. We are giving you the golden opportunity to become a part of our Salesforce Summer Internship program, designed specifically for Salesforce enthusiasts like you. It is a better opportunity for you to become proficient in the Salesforce CRM platform within 45 days.

Why You Should Learn About Salesforce in the Summer Training?

Salesforce has become the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. In a nutshell, Salesforce helps in bringing companies and customers together.

Being a leading cloud technology with numerous SaaS (Software-as-a-service) & PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) products, it solely focuses on:

  • Market automation,
  • Analytics,
  • Customer service.

Salesforce began as CRM software earlier, but over time, it has diversified its capabilities so that developers can now build a SaaS app on top of its platform.

And here’s the best part: you can be something other than a tech geek or coder to tap into Salesforce’s diverse features and expanded capabilities.

Furthermore, speaking about why you should opt for this Salesforce summer internship program well, a recent article published in Glassdoor states that the average salary for a Salesforce Architect is ₹31,52,000 annually in India. Even IDC’s white paper states that by 2026, Salesforce will generate 9.3 million jobs, indicating a promising future for aspiring graduates.

Career Opportunities after Pursuing this Salesforce Summer Internship 

The Salesforce Summer Internship is an excellent opportunity that can open doors to multiple career options for you in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can gain valuable experience and skills during your internship, leading to four promising opportunities.

You can pursue the Salesforce Developer and Admin roles by utilising our program’s expertise. However, you must seek advanced courses alongside this internship to become a BA or QA engineer.

1. Salesforce Admin

If you are interested in administrative tasks like user management, security settings, and customisation, you can pursue a career in this field. By knowing about complex Salesforce applications during your internship, you can become a Salesforce Admin and even get a job opportunity in areas like Sales Cloud or Service Cloud administration.

2. Salesforce Developer

As a Salesforce Developer, you can utilise your technical expertise to design, develop, and customise the Salesforce solutions. After completing this summer internship training, you can further enhance your programming skills or learn Salesforce-specific languages like Apex and Visualforce.

You can pursue roles such as Salesforce Developer, Senior Developer. You will be vital in building and optimising Salesforce applications for organisations.

3. Business Analyst

As an enthusiast, you can pursue a career as a Salesforce Business Analyst if you have strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. By understanding Salesforce functionalities, data modelling, and process automation during your internship, you can leverage your experience to excel in this role. You will play an essential role in driving business transformation through Salesforce implementations.

4. QA Engineer

It is a must to check the reliability, performance, and usability of Salesforce applications by conducting thorough testing and quality assurance processes, you can become a QA Engineer. You must also master identifying and resolving software defects and writing test cases.

By obtaining relevant certifications such as Salesforce Certified Quality Assurance Engineer and experience with testing tools and methodologies during your internship, you can pursue rewarding careers in Test Automation or Quality Assurance Management within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Why Choose S2 Labs’ Summer Internship Program?

S2 Labs is the first training institute in Rajasthan, providing Salesforce training by none other than Shrey Sharma, the youngest Salesforce MVP in the world in 2019, who stands out from its competitors.

Known for its excellent reputation and track record, S2 Labs has received recognition and positive feedback from many satisfied students who have successfully acquired valuable Salesforce skills through their programs.

Why should you choose us? We train our students in technology and help them prepare for a career in it, including comprehensive preparation for Salesforce certification. Our trainees gain a distinctive advantage by acquiring this recognised certification, differentiating themselves in the ever-evolving market.

On top of that, regarding our summer internship or training program, our promises aren’t merely words but verified achievements. In S2 Labs, we have trained over 57K students and provided certification to 50K+ students. Apart from these impressive stats, we provide multiple perks for you in this summer internship because you are the next-generation leader of the industry.

What are we Offering in this Summer Season?

This summer season, we have an exciting opportunity for our learners. If you have the zeal to know about Salesforce and its related terms, this program could be the best pick for you.

If you are interested in development, coding, admin, quality assurance and other topics, you must take advantage of this opportunity. Undoubtedly, there are multiple Salesforce intern benefits that you can enjoy after enrolling in our program, and some of them are mentioned below:

1. Additional Workshops

Though we cover the Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer courses in our internship program, we also provide some additional workshops because we appreciate your passion.

You can attend several workshops on different topics for free by enrolling in our summer internship. We will provide workshops on Quality Assurance, Business Administration, DevOps and SFMC (Salesforce Marketing Cloud).

2. One-on-One Mentorship

You will receive personalised guidance and support from our experienced mentors, who will help you navigate your internship journey. Also, they will provide valuable insights, feedback, and career advice.

3. Lifetime Access to Resources

You will get access to resources, training materials, online courses, and community forums. We ensure your continuous learning and skill development even after the internship is over.

4. Interview Guidance

Our expert team will guide and prepare you for interviews, including resume reviews, mock interviews, and tips for showcasing your skills and experiences effectively to prospective employers.

5. Placement Assistance

Our Salesforce Summer Internship provides placement assistance. We will provide networking opportunities that can lead to job offers or career advancement.

6. Hands-on Projects

Here, you will get the opportunity to work on hands-on projects. We will train you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. By tackling meaningful projects, you will gain practical experience and develop problem-solving skills essential for success in the tech industry.

7. Complete Certification

In this paid internship, we will provide you the Salesforce summer internship certification by assessing your expertise and proficiency within the Salesforce ecosystem. These certifications are highly regarded in the tech industry and enhance your credibility and marketability in front of employers.

Summer Internship

Helpful Details to Know about Our Summer Internship Program

We’ve accumulated all the deets you need regarding your Salesforce summer internships in India.

1. Internship Program

This internship program will begin with a comprehensive curriculum that includes Salesforce Administrator Training and Salesforce Developer Training. It focuses on enhancing your technical skills and business acumen to help businesses build applications on the Salesforce cloud.

2. Duration & Timings

The duration and timings for this Salesforce Internship in Jaipur for college students or graduates are-

  • Start Date: 20th May 2024
  • Duration: 45 Days
  • Location: 3rd floor, plot no. 15, Scheme No. 8 Maharani Farm, Durgapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018.
  • Modes: Online and On-site

3. Eligibility 

This internship is for college students; you can apply for this summer internship if you’re a college student or a recent graduate.

4. Project & Training 

Here’s the checklist for the Salesforce internship course curriculum:

  • Our Salesforce training course offers quality instruction that covers fundamental concepts and best practices, all with a practical, real-world focus.
  • Our Salesforce projects exposure to current industry use cases, and scenarios allows learners to hone their skills and confidently tackle real-time projects.

Final Words

Lastly, we hope that this blog gives you clarity about our Salesforce Summer Internship program. If you want to learn about Salesforce, development, admin and other top courses, this internship opens the door to endless opportunities.

So, utilise your summer break and join us to maximise your productivity. If you have any queries or suggestions, please get in touch with our expert team.

About Author

Shrey Sharma

Shrey is the CEO of S2 Labs and Cyntexa. He is also the Youngest Salesforce MVP of the year 2019. He started S2 Labs as the first Salesforce Training Institute in Rajasthan at the young age of 19. He believes in passing on knowledge and a professional learning experience to people. This belief inspired his training journey, and today, S2 Labs has mentored over 50k students with a diverse range of courses.

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