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What is Apex and its Features

What is Apex and its Features

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What is Apex?

  • “Apex is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language which is a proprietary language developed by to allow us to write the code that executes on the Salesforce platform.” 

  • Used for building the SaaS application on top of CRM functionality on salesforce PaaS. 

  • Saved compiled and executed on the servers of the Salesforce platform.

  • It enables the developer to add business logic to most of the system events including button on-clicks, related record updates, VF pages, LWC, and Aura Components.

Features of Apex

  1. It upgrades automatically. 

  2. Apex is a case-insensitive language.

  3. Integrated with the DB which means it can access and manipulate records without the need to establish the DB connection explicitly. 

  4. It has Java-like syntax and it is easy to use. 

  5. It is easy to test as it provides built-in support for executing test cases. 

  6. Multi-Tenant Environment.

  7. You can save your apex code against different versions of the Salesforce API.


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