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Compact Layout, Salesforce Mobile App & List Views

Compact Layout, Salesforce Mobile App & List Views

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What Is Compact Layouts In Salesforce?

Compact layouts are used to display the key field values of a record at a quick glance. The fields specified in the compact layout are visible on the highlights panel of the Salesforce mobile app and desktop. They are also visible when we hover over that record’s name on its Related Record’s Detail page and the Related List section.

It can have a maximum of 10 fields. Compact layouts support all field types except text area, long text area, rich text area, and multi-select picklist.

What Is Salesforce Mobile App?

The Salesforce mobile app is an enterprise-class app that provides your users with an instant access to your company’s CRM data from a phone or tablet. Here are some of the reasons why the app is so awesome.

  1. The mobile app is included with every Salesforce license. Yup, you heard us correctly—it’s free. Procrastinating on your mobile rollout is basically like setting piles of money on fire.
  2. The app is plug-and-play, which means users just download it from the App Store® or Google Play™— and go. It works out of the box with no setup required. It’s lightning fast—seriously. In the time it took you to read this paragraph, you could have already installed the app and logged in.
  3. The app is cross-platform, so it runs on Android and iOS operating systems. Like, automatically—without you having to do any development work.
  4. The app has offline capabilities, Your mobile users won’t be affected by capricious cellular signals, FAA regulations, subway commutes, or bunker-style buildings.
  5. It works seamlessly with the desktop version of Lightning Experience, so users can switch between the two without missing a beat.
  6. It isn’t just an app, but it’s a platform. Because the mobile app is powered by the Salesforce platform, it’s infinitely customizable. You can use point-and-click tools to make it your own.

Customize Salesforce Mobile App Branding

Change the Salesforce mobile app’s appearance, including the loading page’s background color, loading page’s logo, and header background color, so the app matches your company’s branding.

Brand Color

It determines the color for key user interface elements such as the header, buttons, and search bar.

Loading Page Color

It is the background color of the loading page that appears when a mobile user logs in.

Loading Page Logo

  • The image on the loading page that appears when a mobile user logs in.
  • We recommend using an image with the largest dimensions allowable for the best results. The maximum image size is 460 pixels by 560 pixels.

What Is List View In Salesforce? 

List view in Salesforce allows us to filter the list of records on an object’s tab. Existing list views can be edited and new list views can be created to meet the organization’s requirements.

It can be user-specific as well as organization-wide.

List View Button In Salesforce

List View Button Layout allows you to add and remove action buttons that users see on all the list views for a given object. For example, if you remove the New button from the account list view, that button is no longer shown on any account list view.

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