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Salesforce Object Specific Actions

Salesforce Object Specific Actions

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What Is Actions In Salesforce?

Actions add functionality to Salesforce. They allow you to perform a task/function with lesser clicks in the shortest possible time duration. We have standard actions such as creating and updating records. We can also create custom actions based on our company’s requirements. Actions enable users to do more in Salesforce and Salesforce mobile app.

Types Of Actions In Salesforce

There are 2 types of actions in Salesforce:
  1. Object Specific Actions
  2. Global Actions

What Is Object-Specific Actions Salesforce?

Object-Specific Actions Salesforce lets users quickly create or update records, log calls, send emails, and more in the context of a particular object with the click of a button.
  1. Object-Specific Actions can be created using the Buttons, Links, and Actions tab inside the Object Manager.
  2. Object-Specific Actions must be added to the page layout under the Mobile and Lightning Actions section of the Page Layouts tab.

Types Of Object-Specific Actions

There are various types of object-specific actions in Salesforce:  1. Create Records: It is used to create records that are automatically associated with related records.  2. Update Actions: It makes it easy to edit the records. We can define the fields that will be available for updates.  3. Log a Call: It lets users enter notes about calls, meetings, or other interactions that are related to a specific record.  4. Custom VisualForce: These are VisualForce Pages or canvas apps that let users interact with or create records that have a relationship to an object record. The Visualforce page for an object-specific custom action must include the standard controller for the relevant object. 5. Send email actions: These are available only in cases. It gives users access to a simplified version of the case feed email action on Salesforce. 6. Lightning Component: The Lightning Component can be used as a custom action in Lightning Experience or the Salesforce mobile app. 7. Lightning Web Component: The Lightning Component can be used as any of the two custom actions: Screen Quick Actions and Headless Quick Actions. 8. Flows: Salesforce Flow can also be launched through quick actions.
Action Type cannot be edited once an action is created.
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