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Job search is usually the most excruciating task for many people. Do you think so, too? 

There is no secret formula to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem. However, there are some methods that prominent people in the industry use and live by.

To begin a career in Salesforce, you will require these insider tips. It will help you if you are looking for an entry-level job and give you helpful information if you are a professional seeking a job change.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into our insider guide to landing a job in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Step-by-Step Process to Join the Salesforce Ecosystem


We have curated a step-by-step guide for you to get started with your job search journey. No step is skippable, so make sure to take notes.

We will start from the beginning and lead you to the top of the mountain: a salesforce profile in the industry. So, shall we begin?

Learn the Basics

Every journey starts with taking the first step. In this guide to landing a job in the Salesforce Ecosystem, the first step is to equip yourself with basic knowledge and understanding of Salesforce. Foundation is built from the ground up, and here we have some simple tips for you to build your Salesforce Foundation.


To learn a language, let’s say English, you first need to know how to read it. So you pick up a book and start learning the alphabet.

Salesforce is no different; to speak it fluently, you need to start reading about it. Salesforce provides detailed guides and documentation on all topics of each career path.

For example, if your goal is to become a Salesforce Developer, you must read APEX, Visualforce and Lightning Web Components. There is tons of information available on the internet.


Once you have read enough books and guides, it’s time to research. Get on your web browser and start searching for each topic or profile. The more pages you go through, the more you will know.

But stay alert to detect incorrect information. Find out about the various features of the Salesforce CRM and the skills you will need to master them for your target profile.

Learning Resources

You can rely on our extensive videos in the abundance of information you will find online. Salesforce Hulk is a YouTube channel with A to Z of Salesforce.

Or should we say S to E of Salesforce?

We have detailed overviews, functions, business processes, and strategies for each profile to ace the domain. Dive into the Salesforce Ecosystem with us!

Implement and Discuss

Practice makes the man! Yes, we know that is not the correct proverb, but how did you figure that out?

Is it because you have heard “practice makes a man perfect” throughout your life? Well, now is the time to implement that. Let’s find out how you can enhance your skills with real-world implementation.

Start Learning with Trailhead

Trailhead is Salesforce’s official online learning platform for individuals, teams, and companies. It is a place to improve your skills in a fun way using different modules and projects.

Trailhead teaches you Salesforce CRM skills, interpersonal skills, and even crucial business skills to get you started. Here are a few exciting features of Trailhead that will help you in your learning journey.

  • Modules: They are bite-sized units to guide you through specific topics. Each unit is designed to test your knowledge with a follow-up challenge or quiz.
  • Hands-on challenges: As the name suggests, you will get hands-on experience with Salesforce technology in a safe practice space called Trailhead Playgrounds. After clearing a challenge, you can learn, make mistakes, and collect points.
  • Quizzes: Quizzes are made up of multiple-choice or true-false questions that test you on essential concepts. Successfully ace the quiz and celebrate by earning a badge.

Join Communities

Have you heard about Trailblazers?

That sounds like a superhero name, right? Trailblazers are the people in the Trailblazer community who are on the journey of learning or working with Salesforce. From freshers to experienced professionals, you can find people from varying backgrounds and goals.

Why are they called trailblazers?

Once you sign up at Trailhead and start your learning journey, you will follow a trail to collect badges and eventually earn a certificate. That is when you have the knowledge, understanding, and expertise of a Trailblazer.

The Trailblazer community is where you will make meaningful connections with like-minded people. Salesforce customers, partners, product specialists, and employees connect here to learn together, find mentors, and find career opportunities.

You can start by answering your fellow trailblazers’ queries, which helps further practice your work. Besides Trailhead, you can join study groups on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Telegram. Engage in conversations and discussions to enhance your skill set.

Get Certified

Once you have skills relevant to your chosen Salesforce career path, it is time to go up the trail. The next step from here is to get Salesforce certified.

You can be a true Trailblazer by earning the Salesforce credential in your chosen career path. For instance, if you want to pursue a career as a Salesforce Developer, you can start preparing for the Salesforce Platform Developer Certification Exam.

These certifications are optional to get a Salesforce job in the industry. Still, they sure increase your chances of getting hired and validate your skills.

We also recommend entry-level job seekers first get a job and then earn a credential to boost their profile and progress in their career.

Salesforce provides preparation guides, tutorials, and modules to help you prepare for the exam. Each certificate has a different pattern for this exam; some include descriptive questions, some require you to present your solutions to a panel, and most test you with MCQ-type questions.

Refer to our detailed guide on certification paths for each Salesforce career profile before investing in a course.


Showcase and Sell

Great job! You have become closer to getting a career in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

It is time to show the world what you have gathered and sell your profile to land a Salesforce job. Read along to get Insider tips to build a resume and professional profiles.

Build a Resume

The hiring managers only spend six to seven seconds scanning your resume. Then how can you make them notice you? It would help if you stood out with your formatting, your positioning of skills, and your profile.

We advise you to use these resume templates, which the professionals of Harvard University designed. They claim to be the most acceptable and effective resume formats.

Make sure you list all your skills on the profile, whether developer or consultant. Also, mention the badges and certifications you have earned from Trailhead.

Pro tip: Tailor your resume for each application. Use relevant information only and add a personalized cover letter to get some brownie points and an interview call.

Make a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your go-to place for everything professional. It is booming with job opportunities, networking, learning, upskilling, and, most importantly, establishing yourself as a professional in Salesforce or any other industry.

Sign up on the portal and make your professional LinkedIn profile for people to discover you. Here are some ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to grab more attention and show up in searches.

  1. Write down a relevant title for your profile. Right below your name is the space for you to be creative and calculative. Add keywords that people search for while looking for a person in your career path.
  2. Keep your profile picture professional. Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression of your future employers. Avoid using casual photos from a public place. Instead, use something from a conference or a work event you attended. You do not need a photographer or a shoot to get a profile picture; just ask a friend for a favor!
  3. Add your skills to the respective section and get them endorsed by your friends, colleagues, and connections. It leaves a valuable impression on visitors if you have proof of your skills. If people think you possess your mentioned skills and it has helped them, they will be more than willing to endorse them for you.

Start Hunting

Okay, so we have reached the part you were waiting for.

It is finally time for you to get in the field and start hunting. There are various ways to find your perfect job, which is quite exhaustive. But once you have done the hard work, you will be rewarded with an appointment.

So let’s get started!

Stake Out on Job Portals

Monster, Naukri, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., are popular places to start your hunt. Each portal will require you to set up a profile, and then you can apply for the relevant jobs based on your profile.

You can filter out your preferences based on company, location, position, pay, etc. There is always a high demand for Salesforce professionals, and it will be an easy ride if you fit the job description and possess relevant skills.

List Target Companies

An effective way to land a job faster is to shortlist the companies you want to work for. You can start your research by finding out which companies are hiring for Salesforce professionals.

Then, you can look for prominent names or companies with more significant growth opportunities. It is up to you to set requirements and prepare for their interview process in advance. Understand their work culture and how they deal with clients. Such insights will help you in acing the hiring process.

Reach Out to Executives

Have you heard about cold emails?

They are said to be an underrated yet practical approach to getting noticed. When you send optimized messages and cold emails to your connections on LinkedIn or to senior professionals of your target company, your chances of being caught and eventually hired are increased.

If you see a job opening, directly message the CEO, Senior Salesforce Heads, or the hiring manager. Send your resume and cover letter requesting an interview while stating why you are fit for this position.

Internships and Volunteer work

The best way to step foot in any industry is by gaining meaningful experience. Most companies seek people with a certain amount of basic understanding of the Salesforce platform.

Internships are your gateway to this experience and will be a head start for your career. You will learn the working process, business processes, communication with various stakeholders, and more while working as an intern.

It will add a valuable skill set to your CV that will eventually help you get a job later. So, approach the Trailblazers in the community, look up prominent companies, and grab an internship opportunity.

Another way to collect experience is by engaging in free volunteer work. When you bring value into people’s lives, it comes back a thousandfold.

Do some pro-bono work to expand your network and skills, all while adding value. This will also add a notable work experience to your resume.



Congratulations! You made it this far. You can start implementing the insider steps now that you have gone through them. Start by learning your basics and developing your skills with projects and assignments.

Earn certifications if you feel it is required, as they will support your profile during screening rounds. Try to create professional profiles on job portals like LinkedIn to redirect your employers when they discover your resume.

Most importantly, I gained valuable experience with internships, free projects, and volunteer gigs. And voila! You will soon work with your dream company in a Salesforce career profile. We hope this blog was helpful to you. To better understand various Salesforce career paths, check out our guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the jobs of a Salesforce professional?

You can work in the following profiles as a Salesforce Professional: Salesforce Developer Salesforce Administrator Salesforce Business Analyst Salesforce Consultant Salesforce Marketing Cloud Expert Salesforce Project Manager

Is it difficult to get a job as a Salesforce professional?

No, it is quite easy to get a job if you have the relevant skills and experience. You can consider taking a certification to give your profile a boost.

Which career is best in Salesforce?

All Salesforce career paths are best. You can start with a Salesforce Developer career as it is in demand the most.

Is Salesforce a high-paying job?

Depending on your skills and expertise, Salesforce can be a high-paying career choice for you.

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