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Boolean Datatype in Salesforce

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  • What is Boolean Datatype?
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In Salesforce, the Boolean data type represents a logical entity that can have one of two values: true or false. This is useful for fields that require a simple yes/no or on/off value.

Checkbox Field: When you create a custom checkbox field on an object, the backend is a Boolean field. The user interface shows a checkbox to represent true/false values.

// Define a Boolean variable
Boolean isEligible = false;

// Change the value based on some condition
if (someCondition) {
    isEligible = true;

// Use the Boolean in a decision
if (isEligible) {
    // Do something if eligible

What is Boolean Datatype?

A boolean variable can only be assigned a true, false, or null value. A boolean variable is used in control statements to determine the flow of a program. It’s commonly utilized in decision-making structures to control the flow of code execution.

Characteristics of Boolean Data Type in Salesforce

  1. Storage: Boolean values are stored as binary states, either true (1) or false (0).
  1. Use Cases: Commonly used for checkboxes in Salesforce records, where a checkbox checked state represents true, and an unchecked state represents false.
  1. Field Creation: When creating a custom field in Salesforce, you can choose the “Checkbox” data type, which inherently uses Boolean values.
  1. SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language): Boolean fields can be queried directly in SOQL. For example, to find all records where a Boolean field is true, you might write:
SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE IsActive__c = true
  1. Apex Programming: In Apex, Salesforce’s programming language, the Boolean data type is used similarly to other programming languages. An example in Apex:
Boolean isActive = true;if (isActive) {    System.debug(‘The record is active.’);}
  1. Formulas and Validation Rules: Boolean fields can be used in formulas and validation rules. For instance, a validation rule might ensure that a Boolean field is true before allowing a record to be saved.

Boolean Methods

The following are methods for Boolean. All methods are static.

1valueOf(stringToBoolean)Converts the specified string to a Boolean value and returns true if the specified string value is true. Otherwise, returns false.Boolean b = Boolean.valueOf(‘true’);System.assertEquals(true, b);
2valueOf(fieldValue)Converts the specified object to a Boolean value. Use this method to convert a history tracking field value or an object that represents a Boolean value.List<AccountHistory> accountHistoryList=
[SELECT Field,OldValue,NewValue FROM AccountHistory];
for(AccountHistory accountHistory: accountHistoryList ) { System.debug(‘Field: ‘ + accountHistory.Field);   
if (accountHistory.field == ‘IsPlatinum__c’) { Boolean oldValue = Boolean.valueOf(accountHistory.OldValue);      
Boolean newValue = Boolean.valueOf(accountHistory.NewValue);}}
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