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ID & Blob Datatypes in APEX

ID & Blob Datatypes in APEX

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What Is ID In Apex?

Any valid ID (18-character Salesforce Platform identifier). If you set ID to a 15-character value then apex converts its value to its 18-character representation.

Syntax Of ID

Id recordId = '0012w00001UNkDQAA1';

All invalid ID values are rejected with a runtime exception.

What Is Blob In Apex?

A collection of binary data stored as a single object.

A blob is typically used to store images, audio, or other multimedia objects, and sometimes binary executable code is also stored as a blob. We can convert this datatype to string or from string using the toString() and valueOf() methods.

Syntax Of Blob Data Type

String s = ‘abc’;
Blob b = Blob.valueOf(s);
String s1 = b.toString();

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