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Change Sets Part 1

Change Sets Part 1

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What Is Change Set In Salesforce?

Change Set in Salesforce is a collection of configurations/customizations like Apps, Tabs, Objects, Apex Classes, Triggers, etc in Salesforce.

When To Use Change Set?

When we need to deploy the following components, we use Changeset:

  • Action
  • Action Link Group Template
  • Allow URL for Redirects
  • Allowed Sites
  • Analytics Application
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Analytics Dataflow
  • Analytics Dataset
  • Analytics Dataset Metadata
  • Analytics Lens
  • Analytics Recipe
  • Analytics Template
  • Apex Class
  • Apex Sharing Reason
  • Apex Trigger
  • App
  • Approval Process
  • Asset File
  • Assignment Rule
  • Assistant Recommendation Type
  • Aura Component Bundle
  • Auth. Provider
  • Auto-Response Rule
  • Bot
  • Button or Link
  • CORS Whitelist Origin
  • Call Center
  • Campaign Influence Model
  • Channel Menu Deployment
  • Chatter Extension
  • Classic Letterhead
  • Communication Channel Layout
  • Compact Layout
  • Content Security Policy Trusted Site
  • Custom Data Type
  • Custom Field
  • Custom Help Menu Section
  • Custom Index
  • Custom Label
  • Custom Metadata Type
  • Custom Notification Type
  • Custom Object
  • Custom Permission
  • Custom Report Type
  • Custom Setting
  • Dashboard
  • Data Service
  • Digital Experience
  • Digital Experience Bundle
  • Document
  • Duplicate Rule
  • EclairNG Map GeoJson
  • Email Service
  • Email Template (Classic and Lightning, including templates made in Email Template Builder)
  • Embedded Service Deployment
  • Entity Implements
  • Escalation Rule
  • Event Relay Configuration
  • Event Subscription
  • Experience Property Type Bundle (Beta)
  • External Credential
  • Extension
  • External Data Source
  • External Service Registration
  • Field Mapping
  • Field Set
  • Flow Definition
  • Flow Test
  • Folder
  • Global Value Set
  • Group
  • Home Page Component
  • Home Page Layout
  • Inbound Network Connection
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Lightning Community Template
  • Lightning Community Theme
  • Lightning Experience Theme
  • Lightning Message Channel
  • Lightning Page
  • Lightning Web Component Bundle
  • List View
  • Managed Content Type
  • Matching Rule
  • Microsoft® Outlook® Web App Domain
  • Named Credential
  • Network
  • Outbound Network Connection
  • Page Layout
  • Path Assistant
  • Permission Set
  • Permission Set Group
  • Platform Cache Partition
  • Platform Event Channel
  • Platform Event Channel Member
  • Platform Event Subscriber Configuration
  • Post Template
  • Prompt
  • Queue
  • Recommendation Strategy
  • Record Type
  • RecordAction Deployment
  • Remote Site
  • Report
  • Reporting Snapshot
  • Restriction Rule
  • Role
  • S-Control
  • Scoping Rule
  • Security Custom Baseline
  • Send Action
  • Sharing Criteria Rule
  • Sharing Owner Rule
  • Site.com
  • Static Resource
  • Tab
  • Transaction Security Policy
  • User Provisioning Config
  • Validation Rule
  • Visualforce Component
  • Visualforce Page
  • Whitelisted URL for Redirects
  • Workflow Email Alert
  • Workflow Field Update
  • Workflow Outbound Message
  • Workflow Rule
  • Workflow Task
  • Zone

Change Set can help in deploying data:

  1. From Sandbox to Sandbox
  2. From Sandbox to Production
  3. From Production to Sandbox

Types Of Change Set

There are two types of Change Sets:

1. Outbound Change Set

It is created in the org from which customization needs to be sent. So, in this, it consists of all customizations which are required to be sent.

For example: If you need to send customizations from Sandbox to Production in Salesforce, then you need to create Outbound Change Set in Sandbox.

2. Inbound Change Set

It is created in the org in which customization has been uploaded. So, in this, it consists of all customizations which are required to be sent.

For example: If you need to send customizations from Sandbox to Production in Salesforce, then you need to create Inbound Change Set in Production org.

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